Top 10 Things to Eat in Amber Cove

Get ready for fun, sun, and adventure when you cruise to Amber Cove! The popular cruise port is located on the Bay of Maimon, Dominican Republic’s northern coast. With stunning views, fantastic shopping and exciting activities like zip lining, water slides, giant pools and more, there’s never a dull moment during your visit to Amber Cove.

If you’re wondering what to eat in Amber Cove, you’ll find lots of great Dominican foods sure to tickle your taste buds. Traditional Dominican dishes combine African, Spanish, Taíno and Middle Eastern flavors to create uniquely rich flavors. For great local dishes in the Dominican Republic, look no further than your port of call. Here are the top 10 delicious foods to eat in Amber Cove.

1. Sancocho

At the center of every family gathering or special occasion is a pot of Sancocho. Sancocho is found in many Latin American countries, but each version is a little different. The Dominican variation of this dish is very hearty and simply delectable. The thick soup can be made with up to seven different meats, including a combination of pork, beef and chicken stewed with a variety of local vegetables like plantains and yucca. Prepared lovingly with local ingredients, Sancocho is meant to be enjoyed in group settings. Hence, why it is often made in large quantities.

dominican sancocho with chicken, potatos and plaintains

2. La Bandera

La Bandera means “flag” in Spanish, and this dish by the same name is one of the most common foods in the Dominican Republic. Consisting of white rice, stewed beans and roasted meat, La Bandera is delicious and filling. You may also see this dish by the name of “Arroz, Habichuelas y Carne” or simply as “la Comida” or “the food.” By using any of these names, you can eat like a local with a delicious helping of La Bandera.

3. Habichuelas con Dulce

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try the creamy habichuelas con dulce. If you never tasted beans as a dessert, now is your chance! The rich, sweet creamy dish is made with slow-cooked beans, sweet potato, coconut, and sugar. For those with a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure, habichuelas con dulce is the perfect Dominican delicacy.

4. Asopao

Asopao tastes just as wonderful as it smells. The Creole-influenced recipe is well known throughout the Caribbean and Amber Cove is no different. For a great comfort food, try a bowl of this thick rice porridge. Asopao is often made with chicken or shrimp and may be seasoned with pumpkin, chili peppers, cilantro, and orange. Out of this world!

dominican asopao made with rice and chicken, served in white bowl

5. Mangú

When you need some energy for your next activity, how about a plate of delicious mangú? This dish is a Dominican staple and you’ll find it in many restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. Mangú is made from boiled and mashed green plantains topped with sauteed red onions. Found on dinner menus, as well as breakfast, you may also see mangú served with eggs, salami and fried cheese under the name “Los Tres Golpes” (The Three Strikes). Simple but delicious, you have to try mangú at least once when you’re in Amber Cove.

mangu served with eggs, sausage, and onions

6. Tostones

Don’t leave Amber Cove without sampling a plate of crispy tostones. Another dish that is common throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Dominican tostones are popular as a side dish or snack. To make tostones, unripe plantains are peeled, sliced and fried twice for an irresistible treat any time of day! One bite and you’ll see why Dominicans love tostones.

tostones served with pink sauce, next to a plantain

7. Dulce de Coco

Nothing says “tropical vacation” like a treat made with fresh coconut. You’ll find fresh coconuts all around the island, as well as tasty dishes made with the nutritious tropical fruit. Dulce de coco is a creamy pudding-like dessert made with coconut and milk. With only five ingredients, dulce de coco is simple, delicious and ready to enjoy.

8. Quipe

Quipe (or Kipe) came to Dominican Republic thanks to Middle Eastern influences during the late 19th century. Borrowing from the popular Lebanese dish kibbeh, the Dominicanized version is deep-fried balls of bulgur wheat, often filled with onions and seasoned beef or lamb meat and eaten as a finger food or appetizer. Quipe is a perfect poolside snack, great for groups and are too delicious to miss!

quipe served on lettuce with lime

9. Pollo Guisado

Poultry fans will be happy to know that chicken is a popular meat, often playing a major part of traditional Dominican lunch menus, which you can find in Amber Cove. Pollo guisado is a traditional island dish where braised chicken is simmered with peppers, carrots, onions, potatoes, olives, and tomatoes. Pollo guisado is served with red beans and rice, with a savory sauce poured over the rice. If you’re looking for a Dominican dish with a bit of spice, pollo guisado is a delicious choice.

dominican pollo guisado – chicken stew – served on a white bowl

10. Chimichurri

Often shortened to Chimi, the Chimichurri found in Amber Cove is a tasty hamburger topped with cabbage, tomatoes and a “secret” special sauce. The sauce’s ingredients may vary from place to place, and every chef claims to have the best recipe — so you may have to try more than one! Paired with some freshly fried tostones, this local dish is a hit for the whole family.

Now that you know what to expect for great food on your cruise to Amber Cove, you can make plans to try them all. Tasting the local food will surely make your vacation more memorable and of course, more delicious. Compare favorites with your family and you may even find some treats you’ll want to recreate back at home.