Top 7 Things to Do in La Romana

Nestled between the white coastal sands and rugged terrain of the Dominican Republic’s southeast shore, La Romana is one of the newer ports-of-call that blends a sense of adventure, warm ocean breezes, local culture and flawless natural beauty to make it a must-see for cruisers in search of their own tropical oasis.

With shore excursions to match any possible taste, interest and temperament, a cruise vacation to La Romana is one of the rare instances where even the most vivid of descriptions doesn’t do it justice. From thrill-seeking to wildlife, local artisans to world-class pampering, a trip to La Romana places you on the cusp of old world tradition and modern amenities, all while blanketing you in the warm and translucent Caribbean waters that occupy daydreams and stir imaginations.

Excursions to Quicken Your Pulse

A cruise to the Dominican Republic can be just as much about experiencing new thrills as relaxing on a picturesque sandy beach. La Romana provides those very thrills with excursions to keep the adrenaline surging.

1. Extreme Zip Line Adventure

Zipping through the lush canopy and feeling the wind race against you is sure to make the Extreme Zip Line Adventure an excursion you’ll remember for years to come. With one of the longest zip lines in the Caribbean, you’ll fly across two kilometers of lines that snake their way through mountains that make the Dominican Republic so diverse and exciting. Whether you race a partner or simply enjoy the wondrous scenery as it whizzes by, this thrilling excursion is perfect for extraordinary thrills that are unique and memorable.

woman laughing as she zip lines in la romana

2. Dune Buggy Adventure

For those that don’t mind getting a little dirty while seeking thrills, the Dune Buggy Adventure is an ideal excursion to immerse yourself in La Romana’s diverse sights and sounds. Beginning just 10 minutes from the port, you’ll spend 2.5 hours driving your dune buggy through country roads, sugar plantations and the tropical countryside that give the Dominican Republic much of its personality and character.

pairs of people riding dune buggies through muddy roads in the dominican republic

Excursions to Explore and Discover

The Caribbean is filled with unique people and natural wonder, making it a singular destination for those searching for an escape to a rich and inspiring paradise. La Romana, of course, is no exception with excursions to envelop you in its local landscapes and bountiful wildlife.

3. Monkeyland & Dominican Flavors for Families

With tropical forests teeming with wildlife, no trip to the Dominican Republic is complete without a front row seat to some of nature’s most captivating characters. Just an hour from La Romana, Monkeyland gives cruisers the rare opportunity to walk amongst adorable squirrel monkeys within their own habitat. Perfect for all ages, these tree dwellers are completely at ease around humans and won’t hesitate to pose for your selfies, eat out of your hand and put their charming personalities on full display.

boy posing with 3 squirrel monkeys as they eat some snacks from the boys hand

4. Catamaran Sail & Snorkel

Of course, the Caribbean offers just as much exotic wildlife below the water as it does above. With the Catamaran Sail & Snorkel excursion, you’ll cruise along the picturesque Dominican coastline aboard an 82-foot luxury catamaran until you reach a secluded bay that’s perfect for enjoying the beautiful waters and endless marine life. After some world-class snorkeling, relax with a glass of local rum, domestic beer or a refreshing fruit punch as you head back towards the La Romana pier.

man snorkeling with fishes along the dominican coast line

5. Altos de Chavon & Cigar Factory

Aside from warm breezes and crystal-clear water, the region has also become synonymous with some of the finest cigar makers on the planet. The Altos de Chavon & Cigar Factory excursion gives you the chance to witness the artistry and craftsmanship involved in creating some of the best cigars in the world. While there, you can also shop for the best Dominican cigar brands at some truly tempting prices and walk through the quaint cobblestone streets of a re-created 16th-century Mediterranean village overlooking the Chavón River.

cobblestone streets and 16th century style buildings in altos de chavon

Relaxation: Caribbean Style

The Caribbean provides the rare opportunity to relax along white sandy shores and warm ocean breezes that life doesn’t often afford. La Romana has excursions to help you take full advantage of those rare opportunities to melt into the relaxing and inviting landscapes.

6. Catalina Island Beach Break

Just 35 minutes away from La Romana, Catalina Island is the idyllic tropical setting you picture in your mind when imagining the Caribbean. This excursion will whisk you away to stretches of pristine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees that sway to a warm rhythm. Enjoy a drink, take a long walk along the spans of soft sand and feel the warm sun on your skin as you’re transported to a place of complete tranquility.

wooden pathway and palm trees along the beach of catalina island

7. All-Inclusive Bayahibe Beach Resort

When you prefer to have a few different options to relax, an excursion to the Bayahibe Beach Resort is an ideal choice. With a perfect private beach, volleyball courts, swimming pools, drinks and a delicious lunch, the hours spent at the Bayahibe Beach Resort can be enjoyed however you see fit. No matter what you choose, be assured you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated once you leave.

 bayahibe beach resort in la romana dominican republic

Equal parts adventure, discovery and peacefulness, La Romana has excursions for everyone while enjoying your cruise to the Dominican Republic. Whether a family cruise, a romantic getaway or some quality alone time, La Romana offers a wide variety of excursions that makes a Caribbean cruise energizing, relaxing and, most of all, memorable.