Top 9 Things to Buy in Dominica

A Caribbean island with majestic mountains, lush rainforests and hot springs, Dominica is a less commercialized destination than other islands in the region. If you are taking your first cruise to Dominica, you will be delighted to discover that this seclusion allows for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience which includes more authentic shopping opportunities. As souvenir shopping is an exciting component of any vacation, be sure to look for these top 9 souvenirs and gifts while shopping in Dominica.

1. Local Herbs and Spices

Dominica is home to a large variety of plant life. From the mountains to the tropical rainforests, herbs and spices such as bay leaves, cinnamon, and cocoa, are grown and harvested across the region by local farmers. Whether whole leaves and beans or ground varieties, the native herbs and spices of Dominica are a great way to mimic the flavors of the island after you return home.

different herbs and spices from dominica in wooden bowls

2. Perfumes

The use of the plant life in Dominica certainly is not limited to food. Flowers and plants found throughout the island are distilled by locals and transformed into tropical, fragrant perfumes. The number of blends available is large enough to suit every preference whether it’s a floral, orchid scent or the aroma of fresh limes. Delicately packaged perfumes from Dominica make excellent gifts for loved ones as well as souvenirs for yourself.

3. Carib Baskets

Home to thousands of descendants of the Carib Indians, many old traditions are still utilized by locals today in creating hand-made arts and crafts. One of the most popular crafts includes hand-weaved Carib baskets. These baskets are exquisitely designed using materials like lauroma, making them a staple Dominica souvenir that visitors cherish long after their visit to the island.

handmade straw baskets in different colors and shapes from dominica

4. Pottery

Cups, vases, ashtrays, and bowls are commonly available for sale throughout Dominica. These forms of pottery are relatively inexpensive and duty-free, despite their prestigious appearance and hand sculpted designs. Much of the local pottery, crafted from rolled clay, incorporates animal themes and may be painted or left unadorned. Regardless of your preference, you will encounter both modest pieces as well as elaborate ones.

hand-made pottery from rolled clay

5. Jewelry

Both trendy and exquisite, Dominica jewelry pieces make great gifts for your loved ones. Hand-made and affordable, you have the choice of fashion pieces which incorporate brightly colored beads or more lavish pieces that include rare stones like larimar or red jasper. Everything from modest earrings to elaborate necklaces are for sale, either in jewelry shops in Roseau or directly from locals who sell their hand-crafted goods on tents in the streets.

6. Coconut Hanging Planters

Coconuts are widely available on the island; however, the locals have expanded the use of these plants beyond traditional cuisine. Coconuts in Dominica are often carved and shaped into sculptures as well as hanging planters. These planters feature hand-carved designs which highlight the best of Dominica’s culture. A coconut hanging planter is a unique souvenir that will look eloquent among your home decor while also serving a purpose.

7. Fruit Jellies and Jams

Of all the things to buy in Dominica, one of the tastiest is canned jams and jellies which incorporate diverse fresh fruits that are native to the island. Fruits like guava, banana, grapefruit, lime, and mango are among the most popular and pair well with everything from toast to muffins. This allows you or your loved ones to enjoy a taste of Dominica long after you arrive back home. Available in a number of shops, there is no shortage of flavor varieties, ensuring that you find the perfect gift or souvenir for everyone on your list.

variety of jams and jellies in glass containers

8. Leather Bags

Dominica is well-known for their large availability of leather bags. In sizes from small handbags to large duffle bags, you can find a high-quality leather bag at a fraction of the price you find back home. Colorful, vibrant designs paired with low, duty-free prices make these leather bags a useful and indulgent souvenir or gift.

9. Soaps and Oils

Soaps and oils from Dominica incorporate many of the natural and medicinal plants found in the island’s extensive rainforests. Throughout the island, you can locate a diverse selection of these products. From scented and cosmetic to natural and medicinal, there is a soap or oil for everyone making these items a top gift for friends and family.

lavender and white soap and oil from dominica

If you are curious about what to buy in Dominica on your first cruise to the island, considering these top gifts and souvenirs as you take on excursions throughout the island to ensure you take home the very best of Dominica.