Top 9 Things to Buy in Limón

Known simply as “Limón”, Puerto Limón is a traveler’s paradise. This port town offers a variety of activities to enjoy, from city sites to wildlife-themed excursions as well as a ton of shopping options to be done along the way. If this is your first time visiting Limón, you’ll be excited to know about all of the unique things you can buy for your friends, family members and yourself. Need some ideas on what to buy in Limón? You’re in luck, we’ve narrowed it down to these top 9 souvenirs to buy when shopping in Limón.

1. Hammocks

Costa Rican artisans make beautiful and robust hammocks that are great souvenirs for remembering your trip in town. They come in different patterns, and you may even be able to observe local artisans handcrafting their own hammocks. Consider choosing one made of lightweight textiles that’s strong enough to hold you but light enough to travel with.

yellow, green, and red hammocks for sale in limon

2. Book in the Local Language

Books are a great way to commemorate your time in Limón, and you can find a few in the local language for those who enjoy learning or practicing languages. Just pick one up from a local shop when you go on one of the many shore excursions in and around the city.

3. Textiles

Costa Rica is dotted with fabric shops that house the textiles that local artisans use to make handcrafted goods. These handcrafted goods make great souvenirs for home decor enthusiasts, too. You’ll find colorful embroidered pillows with vibrant patterns of tropical birds made of handwoven fabrics and other textiles. You can even get some great quality handcrafted leather goods, such as wallets, belts, bags, and other accessories, that are great for taking home as a gift for family members or friends who appreciate handmade items.

4. Coffee

If you’re looking for gifts to buy for your coworkers back home, consider getting some Costa Rican coffee. You’ll be able to find a wide selection of local coffee in and around Limón. They also come in various roasts. You can get them in whole beans and even freshly roasted for a strong and flavorful taste that makes a great gift to bring back home or to the office.

bags of different kinds of coffee including costa rican, colombian, and expresso

5. Chorreador

Looking for a way to connect with Costa Rican culture that transcends time? Then consider picking up a chorreador as a gift. These artisan-made coffee brewers are stands made of wood that are design to brew coffee with a sock filter. Before electric- and battery-powered coffee brewers were available, locals often prepared their coffee at home with chorreadors. They make for a unique and nostalgic gift for coffee lovers who enjoy the craft of handmade coffee as much as the coffee itself.

6. Ceramic Birds

Costa Rica’s rainforests are home to some of the most beautiful birds in the world. So, it’s no wonder that local artisans take the chance to capture their beauty in the form of ceramic figures. These ceramic birds come in a variety of designs and some even mimic the sounds of local birds when you blow in them! They make for a unique gift to present for the bird enthusiast in your life or you can keep it for yourself if you just love cool trinkets.

red, yellow and blue parrot sculptures on wooden logs

7. Wood-Carved Masks

Carved masks made of wood are an ideal souvenir pick when you’re shopping in Limón. These masks often feature brightly colored patterns and have one-of-a-kind designs, depicting anything from horned devils to patterns found in local wildlife, such as turtles, frogs and birds. Pick up one of these colorful masks for the art collector in your life.

hand-made, wooden masks in different colors and sizes

8. Jewelry

You’ll have tons of unique jewelry options in the Limón region to choose from, including necklaces made from seashells. There are also jewelry boxes with drawers that you can pick up as a souvenir and hold as a keepsake for years to come. Select a box or jewelry that reminds you of the beautiful Costa Rican beaches and sea life.

necklaces made of seashells in different colors

9. Cacao Chocolate

Costa Rica is known for its local chocolate, and cacao is a variety that you don’t want to leave behind. Embrace the local culture on an excursion to the cacao trails and learn how indigenous healers used cacao for healing as well as tasty snacks. This wonderful treat make a delicious souvenir for the chocolate-loving traveler or loved one in your life.

Sail to Limón

Limón is one of the best seaport cruise stops for finding one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts. From wood-carved masks to chorreadors, you’ll find unique gifts for the coffee lover, art enthusiast or just about anyone who appreciates items from the local culture. So when you’re looking to buy something unique in Costa Rica, make sure you stop by this beautiful and fun destination.