Top 9 Things to Do in Dominica

Often referred to as a hidden gem in the Caribbean, Dominica is vastly different from other islands in the region. The island boasts robust mountains, majestic waterfalls and tropical rainforests. If you are preparing for your first cruise to Dominica, you will be captivated by the picturesque island, long before the ship docks. With impressive natural wonders and opportunities for adventure, deciding what to do when you arrive will not be easy. But we are here to help! Here are 9 of the best things you can do after your ship docks in Dominica:

Rainforest Adventures

1. Canopy Challenge

Head to Wacky Roller’s Adventure Park, nestled in the rainforest, for an adrenaline filled excursion. You are encouraged to summon your inner tree-climbing instincts as you climb from tree to tree on three large suspended platform bridges. Along the course, you will be delighted by the one-of-a-kind aerial views of the island’s surrounding rainforest and rivers. Rejoice as you complete each portion of the canopy challenge, and let out your greatest jungle call as you soar across the Layou River via zip line.


woman carefully crossing a suspended platform bridge during canopy challenge

2. Rainforest Sensation

Climb inside an open-air former military jeep and hit the road with an experienced tour guide to explore what Dominica has to offer. From the capital city of Roseau to historic sites like the Botanical Park and the depths of the rainforest, this adventure promises to be an unforgettable experience. End the tour with an opportunity to swim in a gorge among the mountains and discover an enchanting waterfall.

small group waving and taking photos while sitting on the back of old military jeep headed to roseau

3. Hot Springs Escape

No need to schedule a spa day while visiting; simply head to the Titou Gorge for luxurious relaxation. Here, hot and cold water streams meet among the mountains, with the rainforest as a backdrop. This invigorating experience allows you to soak away your stress while witnessing the best of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Afterwards, head to the village of Wotten Waven for a hot mineral bath during this hot springs excursion.

several hot mineral pools in the village of wotten waven

Water Sports

4. Champagne Reef Snorkel

Hop aboard a catamaran at the pier and head west to explore Champagne Reef, situated in Dominica’s marine reserve. You will likely witness marine wildlife before you arrive at the reef. Upon arrival, learn about the reef’s volcanic activity and receive instructions on snorkeling from an experienced guide. Swim through the iconic bubbles and view the aquatic habitat and all of its residents, from squid to puffers and at times, even turtles. Snorkeling here is an awe-inspiring encounter.

man snorkeling in the champagne reef located in dominica’s marine reserve

5. River Tubing Safari

Kick back and relax as you float along the Layou River, the longest and largest river on the island. Powered by the rapids of the river, your inner tube effortlessly glides down the river, allowing you to take in all of the sights and sounds around you. This guided river tubing safari also includes a scheduled pit stop where you are able to swim in the river.

man raising his hands as he river tubes along the layou river while other guests follow behind him

6. River Tubing Hibiscus Falls & Eco Village

A combination of small rapids and a mild current make the River Tubing Hibiscus Falls & Eco Village excursion a unique experience. While this excursion lets you take in the natural beauty of the island, including the Hibiscus Falls waterfall, it also focuses on the culture of the natives. As you approach the Hibiscus Eco Village, you are greeted with a performance by the Carib Indian cultural group. Enjoy the local village and view their homemade Indian crafts.

two men enjoy river tubing along the calm river in dominica

Tour Dominica

7. Chocolate Experience

The Bois Cotlette estate is a popular destination in Dominica. For 290 years, the estate has worked to perfect the craft of producing cocoa, sugar cane and coffee. The Chocolate Experience tour offers a glimpse into all of the behind-the-scene work that goes into producing their signature chocolates. Although educational, this tour also aims to teach participants how to taste fine chocolates and accurately describe the differing tastes. This excursion is a chocolate lover’s paradise and a perfect adventure for those on a family cruise.

the estate popular for producing cocoa, sugar cane and coffee, bois cotlette, located in dominica

8. Dominica’s Favorites

Experience Dominica’s favorite attractions by combining several popular tourist destinations into one amazing encounter, highlighted by the Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool. Begin with a trip to the capital of Roseau where you will visit the Botanical Park and hike up to the top of the Trafalgar Falls to take in the beautiful scenery. Follow it up with a trip to Trois Pitons National Park where you will find the spectacular Emerald Pool. This excursion offers plenty of variety, so you’re able to make the most of your cruise vacation.

the emerald pool located in trois pitons national park in dominica

9. River Hike to Sari Sari Falls

Get in touch with nature as you hike along and across the Sari-Sari River. This invigorating trek through Dominica’s wilderness guides you to the grand Sari-Sari Falls. Move in for a closer look at the crystal-clear waters, and when you’re done, continue your hike to one of the few beaches on Earth with black volcanic sand.  Prepare for the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

sari sari falls located in trois pitons national park in dominica

Dominica is an all-around nature lover’s dream. Filled with immense natural beauty and endless possibilities for exploration, the island is becoming a hot spot for adventurous vacationers. Once dubbed a hidden gem, Dominica is quickly gaining notice as a prime cruise vacation destination.