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Why celebrations make for the best vacations

For life’s big moments and milestones, going on a trip with your loved ones is the best way to celebrate.

When it’s time to celebrate, coming up with a fun idea, the right venue, or best experience for everyone can be tough. And for big milestones, you want everything perfect! A vacation means everyone can be together, pick their own activities, and make vacation memories.  

Some of life’s monumental milestones deserve a big bash with all your family and loved ones, like a graduation or retirement. Even recurring reasons to celebrate like Mother’s Day and birthdays can be perfect for planning a getaway. Here’s a few recommendations: 

Fishing and Father’s Day are often a perfect pairing.

Father’s Day Fishing Vacation

Every dad is different, but for some reason (maybe biological?), many love fishing. Whether a favorite pastime or once-a-year excursion, being out on the water fishing is a tranquil escape from a busy world. Add a cooler of snacks and cold drinks and dad is in heaven. So, consider a Father’s Day trip near some top-notch angling spots and invite dad’s dad too!  

Away We Go recommends: Puerto Rico for a guided sportfishing adventure.

Carnival’s 50th birthday was marked with a huge celebration at sea!

A Milestone Birthday Trip

Age is just a number, but some numbers are great reasons to travel! Some birthdays are bigger than others—like turning 50, a milestone Carnival Cruise Line recently hit—so deserve to be celebrated in style. Gather up the family and head for an adventurous, young-at-heart celebration. Or, if you’re completing a significant year, bring your loved ones with you on a culturally stimulating trip.

Away We Go recommends: A quick trip to Nassau, Bahamas for lower birthdays, or a longer vacation to Florence or Athens for higher ones. 

Mom wants to relax. What better place than the beach?

Mother’s Day at the Beach

Spending Mother’s Day at the beach is as good as it gets—ideally a warm, Caribbean beach. Moms love having the whole family together, and beach vacations keep everyone entertained. Honoring mom can be an annual reason to set up in the sand and do something unique, like a catamaran sailing, sunset cocktail cruise, or massage on the beach! 

Away We Go recommends: Aruba for a week of self-care.

A graduation is the perfect time to explore the world before life’s next chapter.

A Graduation Vacation

Ahh, graduation… One of life’s biggest celebrations! Finishing school (and finals) is a perfect reason to get away somewhere you can truly unwind. Family often plays a big supporting role in getting through school, so taking a trip together can be meaningful commemoration and “thank you”.  

Away We Go recommends: A quick trip to Mexico for a mix of sun, adventure, and fiesta! 

The last trip before you’re married should be memorable.

A Bachelor or Bachelorette Trip

Getting married isn’t the end of your time in the sun, but saying goodbye to the single life deserves a celebration. Take a vacation for a weekend or a week, and let loose as you get ready to enter your next phase of life. A bachelor or bachelorette trip is best spent somewhere that offers as much during the day as it does at night.

Away We Go recommends: Miami, Grand Cayman, or Cozumel.