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Top 15 Things to Buy in Livorno

A European cruise to Livorno, Italy (Florence & Pisa) is the perfect destination that will place you at the epicenter of many of the most iconic sites in Italy. Whether you’re exploring the stunning Duomo in Florence or the medieval skyline of San Gimignano or taking a tour highlighting both Florence & Pisa, you’ll find tons of culture and history during your visit.

The city of Florence is also a top spot for shopping, especially if you like to support and buy from local artisans and skilled workers. Consider some of these 15 mementos to bring back with you when you stop in Livorno.

a boat harbor in the city of livrono, italy

1. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a uniquely Italian product and is traditionally made in Modena and Reggio, Italy which is located to the northwest of Tuscany. It has a balance of sweet and sour flavors enhanced by the different types of wood vinegar is aged in. If you want good Italian vinegar, pick up a bottle that has a label stamped with one of these two cities.

2. Ceramics

The art of porcelain making was important during the Renaissance in Florence, when artists excelled at working with maiolica, a tin glaze that makes the colors vibrant on porcelain pop. Ceramics shops are plentiful throughout the western Italian region.

You can easily find platters, dinnerware and decorative ceramic pieces with distinctive Tuscan designs while you’re exploring Livorno. Some shops even offer shipping services for customers that do not want to carry items back home on the ship.

ceramic plates for sale at a market in livrono, italy

3. Hand Painted Wooden Trays

Just imagine how it would feel to remember your cruise to Livorno every time you reach for the TV remote and see the hand-painted wooden tray it’s resting on. These authentic Italian trays have traditional Florentine touches like scrolling borders or gold leaf overlay.

Even better, these trays are easy to pack, virtually unbreakable and practical.

4. Cameo

Cameos date back to the days of the Roman Empire when art was in high demand. These delicately carved shells are essentially miniature sculptures often depicting a person’s profile, a tableau or a mythological symbol.

Although some artisans still carefully sculpt their cameos, you can also find budget-friendly, machine-produced versions at local shops around Livorno.

a craftsman hand carving a cameo figure out of seashell

5. Marble Goods

Italian marble from the Apuan Alps has been prized for centuries. This stunning gray, streaked stone is both durable and attractive, making it a popular choice for sculptures and tiles. Of course, you probably don’t want to carry something heavy and bulky back onto the ship.

Look for smaller marble mementos such as coasters, miniature sculptures or kitchen tools instead.

6. Chocolate

Some of Italy’s most famous chocolate producers have been perfecting their confection for centuries. Tuscany’s Chocolate Valley spans from Prato to Pisa, just northeast of Livorno.

You’ll have no problem finding an assortment of foil-wrapped artisanal chocolates, classic bars and hazelnut-flavored chocolate products in numerous shops. Bring these sweet treats back home to give your friends and family a little taste of your vacation!

a selection of bon bons from an italian marketplace

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a quintessential part of Italian cooking culture and is a staple you’ll definitely want to pick up before you leave Livorno. As Tuscany is one of the world’s top producers of olive oil, there are a variety of blends with the distinctive Tuscan flavor to discover.

If you like to cook delicious, savory ingredient, then getting some while you’re in the perfect place to find a bottle.

8. Leather Goods

It’s almost a crime to visit Livorno without investing in world-renowned, Italian leather. In the city of Livorno, the art of leatherworking is still passed down through generations today. You can even see artisans at work in their studios and factories as you explore.

Choose from an abundance of leather products such as keychains, bracelets, wallets and bags for your friends and family back home.

woman inspecting the quality of leather at a marketplace

9. Olivewood Cooking Utensils

Olivewood is plentiful in Livorno, and artisans consider it an ideal wood for crafting spoons, spatulas and cutting boards. Known for its durability and odor-resistant properties, olivewood utensils are essential tools in Italian kitchens.

Pick up a set olivewood utensils from any local Livorno shop for your own kitchen or perhaps as gifts for loved ones.

10. Pasta

It’s tempting to try, but you can’t bring home all the flavors of Italy. Fortunately, one of Italy’s most iconic food products — pasta — travels well and is allowed on your Carnival cruise ship as long as it’s pre-packaged.

Look for fun shapes you can’t find at home and learn how to prepare and pair the pasta with sauces during your time in Livorno.

handmade pasta for sale at an italian marketplace

11. Perfume

A scent can take you back to a specific moment in time, so what better way to remember your cruise to Italy than with perfume? Pick up some of your favorite scents and bring one back to a loved one from home to share this special memory.

Stroll through one of Italy’s specialty scent stores to discover a new signature scent, buy some of your favorite lotions or find a special home fragrance product to enjoy once your back from your trip.

12. Replicas of Famous Sites and Symbols

They may be traditional touristy souvenirs, but replicas of the buildings and symbols you see on your adventures can be fun to have. Look for models of Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Florence’s Duomo or San Gimignano’s skyline of medieval towers. Pick up playing cards, keychains and bags with the Holy Cross or Florence’s unofficial symbol, the lily.

figurines of the leaning tower of pisa in an italian gift shop

13. Paper Products and Stationery

There may be faster ways to communicate, but sending greetings on beautiful paper or a card is something special. Stock up on stationery from local shops where artisans still make marbled paper by hand.

Cards, colorful paper boxes and hand-stitched journals are popular things to buy in Livorno, Italy and can be used to create special memories to share with your friends.

14. Wine

Tuscany produces some of the best loved wines in the world, most notably Chianti and Brunello. Enjoy these delicious wines while you’re in port, and bring some back with you to enjoy back at home. Sample the variety of red and white wines available to choose from and choose the brand and blend you like best.

Embrace your beautiful surroundings while sipping on some delicious italian wine, and make sure to pick up an extra bottle to share with someone special.

Also, keep in mind that cruise shoppers are entitled to one, duty-free bottle of alcohol per adult, and any alcohol purchased will be stored safely with your Carnival crew until the end of your voyage.

grapes for wine in a vineyard in the tuscany region of italy

15. Soap

Italian soaps make an interesting souvenir, and there are plenty of natural soaps of different scents and ingredients throughout the city to choose from.

Stop by Europe’s oldest, continuously operated pharmacy in Florence to see their impressive selection of locally produced soaps. Look for scents based on the local flowers and fruits such as pomegranate or lemon.

As you plan your days in Tuscany’s historic cities, be sure to include time to explore the local shops, stores and restaurants. Carnival offers many different types of shore excursions for the whole family to enjoy during your time in Livorno.

Discover why the region earned its reputation as a hidden gem and see the many beautiful sites surrounding you. You’re sure to fall in love with this city, we know we did!