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Haunted Destinations for Those That Dare

From New Orleans haunted tours to spine-chilling places in the Caribbean!

Greetings, intrepid traveler! Have you had your fill of the ordinary? Are you, perhaps, seeking adventures a bit more eerie? If you dared to enter this article, we’re here to clue you in on some haunted tourist attractions that are bound to frighten and enthrall.

That’s right! From haunted places in New Orleans to Caribbean forts full of haunted history, each realm we’re visiting has a chilling story to tell.

Old wartime cannon overlooking a wide open sea
Will you spot Blackbeard and his crew along the old forts of Nassau?

The Bahamas

Nassau is a sunny paradise fit for any postcard… but if you’re looking for something more eerie, you don’t have to travel far.

Spirits may not be only in the glasses here, it turns out. While sipping cocktails and going on guided tours at John Watling’s Distillery, visitors claim to have seen apparitions peeking through the old corridors.

The historic forts of Nassau are also perfect for a few thrills and chills. Explore the old Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, and Fort Montagu and see if you feel anything paranormal… It’s said that the ghost of the most famous pirate of the Caribbean–Blackbeard–can be heard wailing through the cavernous dungeons!

French Quarter at night in New Orleans, Louisiana.
From ghost tours to séances, New Orleans is one spooky location.

New Orleans

The Birthplace of Jazz, The Paris of the South, and, some claim, America’s most haunted city. Dare to travel to New Orleans?

The French Quarter is famous for its vibrant nightlife… for both the living and the dead. As you tour through this historic district, snacking on Cafe du Monde beignets and listening to the syncopated sounds of jazz roll through the streets, make a stop at the Old Absinthe House.

The 200-year-old bar is allegedly haunted by famous customers like General Andrew Jackson. So pull up a chair at this local haunt and you may find yourself with a few surprise guests.

You can also stop by the Big Easy’s St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, where the Creole voodoo queen Marie Laveau is buried. Visitors claim they’ve seen her and the ghosts of Civil War soldiers around the cemetery.

Dimly lit, snow-covered alley in Boston, Massachusetts.
Legends say Victorian ghosts haunt the old cobblestone streets of Boston.

New England

Home to the Salem witch trials and the setting for films like The Conjuring, it’s no surprise that New England can be wicked creepy.

Boston can surely live up to the region’s spooky reputation. Along with exploring America’s history through centuries-old buildings like the Old State House, the city’s haunted history tours will take you through 400-year-old burial grounds, the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater, and Fort Warren. All of which are allegedly filled with paranormal activity!

You can also head to Newport, Rhode Island, to tour the gothic halls of Belcourt Castle. Said to have been built over an old graveyard, Belcourt is said to house otherworldly entities. In fact, a former resident wrote about all of their ghostly experiences in this opulent 60-room mansion. But, no visitors have been harmed by spirits of the other side… yet.

St. John's Parish Church, Barbados.
Records of the Chase Vault’s “moving coffins” date as far back as the early 1800s!


When you think of Barbados, you’re probably conjuring up images of crystal-clear waters and lively music. But, there’s a spooky side to the island, if you’re brave enough to tread beyond the beach.

Visit the Christ Church Cemetery and its mysterious Chase Crypt, if you dare. The resting place of wealthy landowner Colonel Thomas Chase and his daughters, the Crypt has been open and investigated several times since 1812. And each time, the coffins were found to be moved from their original locations around the crypt. The scariest part? There were no footprints or any signs of disturbances…

But the chills don’t stop on-land. Dive among Bermuda’s colorful reefs and you’ll find an array of shipwrecks like the Berwyn. Who knows, maybe you’ll see a ghostly crewmember among the depths.