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The Top 5 Things to do in Cozumel

We’re convinced the island of Cozumel has it all. If the Carnival Cruise you are planning has a day in Cozumel, take this opportunity to do a little happy dance – because this island is the BEST!


Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal blue water, rich history, gorgeous, delicious food… AND the best margaritas we’ve ever had. (We’re serious. They’re so good.) One day on the heavenly island can be overwhelming. It may be small, (only 30 miles long and 10 miles wide), but Cozumel is mighty. The opportunities are endless on this gorgeous island, so we’ve come up with our Top 5 Things to do in Cozumel. Enjoy

1. Rent a SUV. This is crucial. The port in Cozumel has several different car rentals, all of which are trusted and reliable. Because these companies work with cruise passengers often, they are extremely helpful, quick, and friendly! We were off of the ship and in a SUV in less than an hour – giving us plenty of time to explore the island! Cozumel is small, so it’s extremely easy to navigate (there’s only one major road), and the scenery is breathtaking! Plus the best part of renting a car is the freedom to stop whenever you please! *Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship! 😉


2. Visit the Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio. This is a stop we weren’t planning on making, but we saw the signs as we were driving and thought it sounded cool. And boy, were we blown away! San Gervasio are the largest ruins in Cozumel, and date back to 100 B.C. These ruins were purely religious, as the temples and statues honor Ix-Chel, the goddess of fertility. Women would pilgrimage to San Gervasio to make sacrifices to the goddess, in hopes that they too could be fertile. Today the ruins are incredibly intact and fascinating to see! While you can book guides to take you around, we had no problem navigating ourselves.


3. Eat lunch. On the beach. After we visited the ruins of San Gervasio, we made our way back down the coast… only to find several restaurants located directly on the sand! This was perfect timing, as we were getting really hungry! We found a spot that had a fun ambiance and grabbed a seat. Before we knew it we were eating chips and guacamole, drinking fresh margaritas, and wishing that time could stand still.


4. Find a hammock. On the beach. Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, is better after a big lunch than laying in a hammock by the ocean and taking a siesta! Luckily, there are several spots along the coast of Cozumel that you can rent hammocks – and it truly is a glorious thing. We suggest finding one that’s near a local bar where you can…


5. Share fresh coconut water. And document it. This was the perfect way to end our day in paradise. The coconuts are so big in Cozumel, we definitely recommend sharing them! Once you’re done with the water, the bartenders will cut the coconut up so you can eat the meat on the inside. Coconut water is our favorite healthy, hydrating, and refreshing treat, and the coconuts in Cozumel were some of the best we’ve had!

There you have it. Our Cozumel Top 5! While these were some of our favorite activities, we know there’s a LOT more to see than we mentioned… so we’d love to hear yours!!

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