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Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua

Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua


  1. See Antigua by Sea
  2. Visit Stingray Village
  3. Horseback Riding by Land and Sea
  4. Aqua Trax Watercraft Adventure
  5. Eco Lagoon Tour
  6. Island Bike Tour
  7. Combo Eco Bike and Hike Tour
  8. Island Tram Calypso Tour
  9. Beach Villa
  10. Cabana Rental

There are many beautiful and exotic destinations in the world, but only a few stir the imagination like Antigua. With its magnificent shores, Antigua is a Southern Caribbean jewel you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker or something in between, a Carnival cruise to Antigua offers activities that will speak to you, no matter your tastes or interests.

For Your Inner Explorer

1. See Antigua by Sea

Take a tour of Antigua aboard a five-star luxury catamaran and watch the enchanting coastline glide past you as an experienced guide draws your attention to the many unique features of the island. An open bar, three hours of relaxation on the beach and the natural reef of Green Island will put you in the serene state of mind that Antigua is famous for.

guests swimming and having fun on the beach as five star luxury catamaran is docked on green island

2. Visit Stingray Village

An entire new world is waiting to be discovered in the island’s famed Stingray Village, where you can feed, pet and meet the mysterious and intriguing stingrays on their home turf. The warm, shallow waters provide a comfortable way to explore the exotic world that exists just below the surface.

two stingrays swimming in the famed stingray village of antigua

3. 4×4 Island Safari

Antigua’s famous shoreline and beaches only scratch the surface of what it has to offer. A convoy-style, open-air safari is a thrilling way to investigate the more rugged and beautiful places on the island. This is an experience a typical bus or tram simply cannot provide. Travel along the coast to explore the southwestern portion of the island, Bendal’s Village, and its surrounding lush rainforest.

two 4x4 island safari trucks parked on a hill with antigua’s coastline beach in the background

4. ATV Adventure

Given the expansive and rugged terrain of the island’s backcountry, an ATV excursion is an ideal way to travel the inner trails and old cane roads that even the island safari can’t navigate.

group rides atv through rugged terrain in antigua’s back country

Through rural farmlands and vast estates that encompass much of Antigua’s center, you’ll get to discover parts of the area that give the island its personality.

Adventure Calls

5. Catamaran Sail and Snorkel

Your cruise to Antigua gives you the enviable opportunity to fully indulge in the warm and crystal clear waters of the island. The Catamaran Sail and Snorkel excursion is the perfect way to take full advantage of that opportunity.

couple laughing as they sit on the edge of a catamaran off the coast of antigua

While cruising along the northwest coast of the island on a catamaran, you’ll stop at the most inviting spots to put on your snorkel gear and personally explore the vivid colors and sea life that the Caribbean is known for.

6. Kayak and Snorkel Eco Adventure

If you’re looking for a more low-key underwater adventure, you can kayak and snorkel Antigua’s beautiful east coast. You’ll board your two-person kayak and paddle through small and uninhabited islands, canals lined by mangroves, and scenic bays. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel through the coral reefs that define this island’s pristine shores.

man and women wearing life jackets drag a kayak off the shore of antigua

7. Horseback Riding

If you prefer having a bit of history to go along with the beautiful scenery, this horseback ride is just right for you. The island has a fascinating past that you can trace back hundreds of years on horseback. You’ll view the historic Fort James and the full complement of cannons that remain in place to this day.

a line of guests riding on horseback on the beaches of antigua

Along the way, you’ll pass historic sugar mills, lines of coconut trees and expanses of sun-bleached beaches that, collectively, give Antigua its heart and soul.

For a Quiet Moment

8. Crusoe Island Getaway

The Caribbean comprises a seemingly endless variety of islands, big and small. Antigua affords visitors the opportunity to find their own little oasis among the many uninhabited islands just a stone’s throw away.

boat docked on robinson crusoe private island in antigua

The Crusoe Island Getaway features a short crossing to Prickly Pear Island, where you can swim and explore the reef on an enchanting underwater snorkel tour. With the secluded beach and translucent waters, this excursion lets you get away from the crowds and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

9. Beach Escape

If you want seclusion but don’t want to leave the shore, a beach escape to beautiful Dickenson Bay Beach is a great choice. While there, you’ll get to stroll along the secluded stretch of sand and refresh yourself with a dip in the Caribbean Sea. You can also treat yourself to a delicious lunch at the beachside restaurant overlooking the ocean.

wooden umbrellas and beach chairs lined up along dickenson bay beach in antigua

10. Lobster Lunch and Champagne Cruise

If you prefer to have a bit of decadence accompanied with your relaxation, why not enjoy the lavish combination of champagne and lobster while lounging aboard a luxurious catamaran?

grilling lobsters for lunch in antigua

There will be plenty of time for enjoying the tranquil, turquoise waters and relaxing during a stop at one of the pristine beaches. An open bar and the sound of Caribbean music will keep you in a relaxed state as you glide along the coast line dotted with boutique resorts.

Antigua is one of those magical destinations that shines as a family cruise vacation or a romantic getaway for two. With excursions that range from the rugged to the refined, a cruise to the Southern Caribbean might just be the perfect remedy for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.