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Top 5 Spring Travel Destinations

Not too hot, not too busy; the best travel destinations in spring.

By spring we’re all looking forward to traveling again with winter behind us. That said, some places still aren’t warm enough for a trip, others too rainy, and the ones that are just right can be too crowded!

Not to fear. Whether you’re looking for sun and fun, a new cultural experience, or tasty cuisine, we’ve rounded up the best places to travel in spring:

View of the Pitons in St. Lucia
You’ll miss the wet season, so nothing but sun and fun.

St. Lucia

While you may be used to “April showers” in the U.S., St. Lucia’s wet season starts in June. That’s why spring is the perfect time to visit this picturesque island. With temperatures usually in the 80s, you’ll want to be outside all day, and there’s plenty to do!

You can hike up the dramatic peaks of the towering Pitons or explore lush rainforest in one of the island’s preserves. Of course, if the beach is your priority, there’s also miles of white sand where you can soak up the sun!

 boiled crawfish on a table in New Orleans
Once the boil is done, it’s time to spread out the feast!

New Orleans

There are plenty of reasons to travel to “The Big Easy”, and the most popular is Mardi Gras. A spring trip means you’ll miss the festivities—but you’ll also miss the crowds and the summer’s heat.  

With fewer people, the city is your oyster! Speaking of, the seafood is not to be missed. Try fried catfish, oysters, shrimp, or crab on a Po’ Boy (sandwiches on crispy French bread) for a satisfying lunch. But spring is crawfish season. This local favorite is boiled in spices with corn and potatoes, and often simply spread out on a table for everyone to dig in!

Tulips and buildings in Amsterdam
It’s usually a beautiful time to visit Amsterdam, but spring takes the cake.


A city of canals, bridges, and bike lanes—Amsterdam is always a treat. But springtime lets you catch two major events. “King’s Day” is held in late April and celebrates the birth of the country’s monarch.  Everyone dons orange—for William of Orange, the founding father of the Netherlands—and packs into streets, boats, and bars for parades, parties, concerts and more!

But the country celebrates another national symbol in spring—tulips! These multi-colored flowers are blooming around the city and by the million in fields across the country! Mid March to mid May is truly a colorful time to visit!

View of the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens
One of the oldest architectural sites in the world, minus the crowds.

Athens, Greece

One of the oldest cities in the world is famous for an ancient attraction, the Parthenon, sitting high atop the Acropolis overlooking the city.

But with great fame can come great lines to get in—but not in spring! The off season in Athens still has sunny weather, and with far fewer visitors you’ll be able to see the sights and still have time for a leisurely lunch of roast lamb, stuffed grape leaves, or a Greek salad with fresh feta and olives.

Sun setting on the beach in Hawaii
Sometimes the peak travel time really is the best for a destination.


Then again, sometimes peak season is simply too good to miss! That’s the case across the beautiful Hawaiian islands. With perfectly pleasant temperatures around the high 70s and low 80s, you can bask on the beach, but still not sweat much if you want to hike to a waterfall or beautiful overlook. 

But there are also fun spring celebrations. “Lei Day” is marked every May first throughout the state with each island picking a different colorful flower necklace for revelers to wear as they celebrate Hawaiian culture.