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A traveling acrobat shares 4 tips for fun in Paris

Here’s how to find maximum fun after dark in Paris—or anywhere else.  

Paris was the final stop of an incredible European vacation for Lee Tripler. Over several weeks, she found fun by taking the stage at a karaoke bar in Amsterdam, indulging in the food trucks of Krakow, and doing a river cruise through Budapest, among other adventures. Now, she needed to see the Eiffel Tower—but what started as a spontaneous picnic at the end of the day turned into an impromptu acrobatics lesson with dozens of strangers.

Lee, a trained acrobat in trapeze, hula hoop, and aerial skills, started doing some tricks on the grass of the Eiffel Tower after sunset. People wandered over to watch and then started to join in. Lee was surprised, but not uncomfortable. She’d performed in front of a crowd before. More people joined in the fun and her Parisian picnic soon turned into an after-dark acrobatics festival.  

Inspired by the highlight of her trip and a night she’ll never forget, Lee shares four tips on how to start some fun in Paris—or anywhere else.

Cities take on a whole new look at night.
  1. Experience the city at night

It may seem obvious, but destinations you experience during the day can take on a whole new look at night. The Eiffel Tower is a perfect example. There’s an awesome light show on the tower that starts off slow, then grows into a crazy blinking spectacle. And it goes until 2 A.M.! A big public space with a scenic view and a mix of fun people is a perfect recipe for a great night out in a foreign place.

Park picnics are an easy, fun way to live like a local.
  1. The most fun activities don’t always cost a lot 

Sure, Paris is filled with world-renowned (and pricey) restaurants. But sometimes a picnic in the park is everything you need—cheese, bread, wine, and chocolate spread out on the lawn. You don’t always need to pay for a fancy meal. You can grab a baguette and just wander. See what you find! This approach works in a lot of different travel destinations if you can find shared public places where people get together at the end of the day—like the beach or a park or a downtown plaza. 

  1. Be open to trying something completely new

You’re traveling! Go with the flow or you may miss out on some of your best adventures. Don’t be afraid to try new things, like the people in the park at the Eiffel Tower who joined in the acrobatics—many of whom were fellow travelers and took up the mantra of saying, “yes.” When you’re out at night in a new place that’s far away from home, sometimes it’s all about living in the moment and seeing what happens. 

  1. Don’t hide your talents

Everyone has a hidden skill and you often meet new people through sharing your party tricks. Whether it’s your singing voice, dance moves, dad jokes, or card tricks, showcasing your random skills will often open up doors or lead to chance encounters while you’re traveling. And let’s face it, everyone is looking to have more fun while on vacation.