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Warm Late-Winter Vacation Destinations

Looking for mid 80s in late winter? The Caribbean is your answer.

There are some important questions to ask when you’re picking your vacation destination: “Will my whole family enjoy it?” “What are the major attractions?” “How’s the food?” But by the end of the winter, the most important question is, “Will it be warm?”

So, let’s break down the answers to these questions for four excellent destinations. Spoiler alert: it will be warm!

The Devil’s Bridge shows off the immense power of the ocean!


What to see: Right where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet lies the “Devil’s Bridge,” a natural limestone structure reaching over the water with waves crashing all around. This incredible sight naturally formed over millions of years. Don’t get too close as a spectator. The blasts of water and air from below can pack a punch!

What to do: Ever seen a stingray swimming up close? Stingray City is your chance—you can feed and even hold these majestic aquatic creatures. You can also snorkel the surrounding coral reefs and see all kinds of sea life! 

Average Winter Temperatures: 82° high / 71° low

You may have spices from Grenada in your kitchen right now!


What to see: The Grand Etang National Park sits at the center of Grenada and there are tons of different trails leading to beautiful orchids, brilliantly colored birds, and wild monkeys. If you reach the top, you’ll get to see a stunning blue lake in the crater of an extinct volcano!

What to do: Did you know Grenada is called “the spice island”? Head to Market Square in the capital of St. George’s and you’ll learn why; it’s one of the best smelling markets in the world. Grenada is known best for nutmeg, but cocoa, cloves, and cinnamon are some other famous products.    

Average Winter Temperatures: 86° high / 74° low

Ocean erosion led to some seriously strange rock formations in Barbados.


What to see: Bathsheba Bay is one of the most photographed areas in Barbados, so don’t buck this trend—see it for yourself (and your Instagram). Large rock formations stick out of the waves, seemingly dropped there, but they’re actually products of many years of erosion.

What to do: Most Caribbean countries have a connection to rum, but only Barbados has the oldest commercial rum distillery in the world. Visit the Mount Gay distillery, established in 1703, to take a tour and learn about the history and process of rum distilling. You can also sample two varieties that are only available at the visitors center.   

Average Winter Temperatures: 84° high / 73° low

The Pitons are the most famous part of St. Lucia’s landscape.

St. Lucia

What to see: You can’t visit St. Lucia without seeing the towering Pitons—literally! These enormous green peaks rise from the sea, side by side, and both are over 2,400 feet tall. You can boat around them in the bay for even better views. 

What to do: Besides the stunning beaches, be sure to visit the Tet Paul Nature Trail. In less than an hour, you’ll reach some of the best views on the island, where you can see all the way to Martinique on clear days. You’ll also pass tropical fruits and flowers all the way up as you hike.

Average Winter Temperatures: 83° high / 72° low