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What’s Your Travel Personality?

Are you the “adrenaline junkie” pushing your group forward, or the “planner” keeping everybody on track?

It’s a brand new year, so you’re probably thinking about all of the new places you’ll want to see! There are important questions to ask, like where you’ll go and how you’ll get there. But an important question is, who’s going with you? We’re all different, of course, so everyone has different travel styles. Whether you’re vacationing with friends, family, or both, having a well-balanced travel squad can make your trip even more fun and memorable! 

So, what do you bring to your travel group? See which of these personalities you match the closest with to find out.

Dinner options? Six-hour stopover? What to see first? You’ve got a plan for that.

The Planner

Somebody has to keep the travel itinerary running smoothly, and you take charge! One of the best things about vacations is there’s so much to do, but that can mean your group may need to split ways or compromise. Not to worry—you know when the shows start, which restaurants are nearby, and you’ve already got the top attractions bookmarked. You can schedule each day’s adventures with time to chill out after exploring, and you make the most of any trip. A Planner is important to a vacation, but too many in your group could complicate things!

What you bring to a trip: The map, background knowledge, plans A, B, C, and D

You always bring your camera and your crew knows how to pose!

The Shutterbug

You and your crew are sure to remember any trip—because you’ll be sure to capture it with your camera. Whether using a DSLR, a constantly clicking point-and-shoot, or your favorite camera app, you’ll do whatever it takes for the perfect pic.

Sure, sometimes that means waking up early, taking a detour, or crouching on a crowded sidewalk, but it’s #WorthIt and it shows! From landscapes to sunsets, candids to posed group photos, everyone you travel with will be asking you to share your shots or tag them on Instagram. With a Shutterbug, you may need to plan more time per stop, and make sure your hair always looks good! 

What you bring to a trip: Cameras, lenses, selfie stick

Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to get your heart pumping!

The Adrenaline Junkie

You’ve never met a zipline you couldn’t conquer. Fortune favors the bold, so you’re game for every adventurous activity on every vacation. Whether you’re going scuba diving, sandboarding, whitewater rafting, or setting off an ATV adventure, you get your pulse pounding and push your crew to do the same. Wherever there’s action, you’ll be at the front of the pack—maybe even literally if you’re dogsledding in Alaska! Not everyone will want to join the Adrenaline Junkie of course, but that’s fine; you’ll have thrilling stories for the beach bums when you meet up for dinner. 

What you bring to a trip: Action, adventure, band-aids

Blanket, check. Book, check. Beach, check.

The Beach Bum

You travel for three things: Sand, sun, and sea. You work hard all year long and keep up with your busy life, so your vacations are all about slowing down. There’s nothing better than that sound of the surf, sand between your toes, and a tropical sun warming you up–except maybe a piña colada or a mai tai by your side. If others want to go on a hike or zipline, good for them. Luckily vacations, like Caribbean cruises, offer plenty of activity options for them, and you’ll be saving a spot by the water for them when they return.  

What you bring to a trip: Beach blanket, bikini, book, and sunscreen

You think of your palate as your passport.

The Foodie

Is it even a vacation if you haven’t tried new foods? From French pastries to sea urchin sushi, the best part of traveling for you is finding authentic, new flavors. You plan your days around the best dishes in each stop; you’ll take a pilgrimage for pierogies, a detour for donuts, or a side quest for seafood. Before your trip, you heavily research the must-visit food stops. Your whole group benefits from your tasty obsession, and your travel partners are full and never hangry. 

What you bring to a trip: An appetite, a Yelp list, and hot sauce in your bag