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Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico Now

Updated: 12/14/2017

Like so many of you, the team at Carnival has a deep love for Puerto Rico and we are excited to announce that we’re back! In anticipation of our return, we talked to our friends and partners, the locals of San Juan, and the overwhelming message was, simply: San Juan is open for business and ready for guests to come visit again.

As you can see in our video series, the locals of Puerto Rico are eager to welcome you back to what they call “The Best Place in the World,” for you to see all the island has to offer, from excursions to restaurants and shops full of local flavor. Our series culminates in a happy milestone—Carnival’s return to Puerto Rico.

a senior puerto rican lady smiling in front of the puerto rican flag

“The Best Place in the World”

When we asked our friends in Puerto Rico to describe their home, they talked about how special the destination is. “It’s a unique place,” said one local, referring to the beautiful ocean and the colorful buildings of the capital. “Old San Juan is still here, the beaches are still here—and we’re still here.” Other business owners told us how the locals help each other, and how the island is still a happy place. “It’s part of the beauty of Puerto Rico.” Come and visit to see it all for yourself—the beaches, the historic downtown of Old San Juan, the forts, the beautiful countryside … We’re sure you’ll see, as our friends do, that “this is the best place in the world.”

See the Island

One of the best ways to experience your ports of call on a cruise is to go deep into the local culture and explore your destination as a local would. In Puerto Rico, residents are ready to do just that—take you on an excursion that will reveal the heart and soul of the island, whatever it is you’re most interested in, from heritage and culture to natural beauty and wildlife.

“I want people to know how beautiful Puerto Rico is,” is how one local business owner put it. It’s a place where you can explore the island on horseback, meet the island’s wildlife, or simply relax on the sand of the sparkling beaches. Wherever you go on your cruise to San Juan, you’ll find locals excited to see you. “We’ve been busy rebuilding,” they tell us, as local bars and restaurants in Old San Juan restore their businesses and open their doors. Delicious local dishes and refreshing rum cocktails and fresh juices will welcome you into these charming little spots. And at local shops, proprietors can’t wait to show their handmade wares. “Come back, we’re ready,” they want you to know. Come and meet the locals who make Puerto Rico so special, and let them take you on a visit like no other.

Open for Business 

To mark the recent #SmallBusinessSaturday, we spoke to the small business owners of Puerto Rico. Their message to you? “We’re open for business.” From workshops and art galleries to fruit sellers and hat shops, the people who make their living in Puerto Rico are not letting adversity stop them from doing what they do best: creating. “We missed sharing the city with people,” one business owner shared with us. “We like to give people a good impression of what San Juan has to offer,” said another. Puerto Ricans have been helping each other in the wake of the storm, and working together to rebuild. Business owners are keen to show visitors what they can offer, and remind the world that they are still here, and are coming back stronger than ever. “You’ve got to come and experience it,” says one local tour operator who is proud to show visitors the best of his island home. “Once you come once, I’m sure you’re going to come back again.”

Return to San Juan

On November 30, 2017, Carnival Conquest returned to San Juan. Upon arrival, guests were excited and amazed by what they saw. We spoke to several of them to hear their thoughts on the city:

“It’s authentic, it’s beautiful … just so much life!”

“The locals here are friendly and super happy to see people coming back which adds to the life of the city.”

Come see for yourself why people love San Juan!