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8 Unusual Items To Pack On Your Cruise

You may know to bring a hat, but what about a rubber duck or a white noise machine?

Sure, most people know the basics of what to pack for a cruise—passport, camera, bathing suit and sandals. But as you travel more, your must-pack list grows with your experience. For instance, most people would think to bring sunscreen, but what about after-sun lotion with aloe as a backup?

We asked Carnival fans for some of the most unusual travel items that always make their bags, and they didn’t disappoint! As we all look forward to cruising again, here’s some of these whacky, little-known, and yes, useful items Carnival cruisers can’t leave home without!

  1. Thank You cards for stewards. The crew works hard to make your vacation as fun and seamless as possible, so some cruisers bring cards to let them know they’re appreciated! It’s a perfect way to enclose tips too.
  2. Whiteboard with magnets. There’s so much to do on a cruise it’s inevitable you and your crew split up sometimes. Having a whiteboard for your cabin means you can easily leave messages to tell your travel buddies where you are even when your phone is on “Do not disturb I’m lounging” mode.

    Casino cash is meant for table games!
  3. Casino cash. How is this different from “regular” money? It’s cash you’re going to use to get in on all the excitement at the tables! Whether your game is blackjack, craps, or Texas Holdem, don’t miss the action! And if you hit it big? Well you can take your family out to a specialty restaurant (or book yourself a massage).

    Props for pics? Why not!
  4. Props for photos. Some say silly, some say essential! However you feel, being on vacation is about having fun and being yourself. For some guests, that means bringing fake lips, a boa, giant glasses–you name it. Whatever your look, we say “do your thing!”

    Those in the know bring a duck or two.
  5. Rubber ducks to hide onboard. If you haven’t heard about this tradition–a real quack-up–now you know. Guests hide these aquatic critters around the ships to delight future cruisers who’ll find them! Bonus points if your ducks are in costume or represent your hometown.
  6. White noise machine. One guest says her husband “snores like a drunken sailor”, so she brings a white noise machine. It’s a smart move; you need to be well rested for adventures! We’d recommend setting it to “ocean waves”, but we may be biased.

    A beach book is just one of the types of reading you can do.
  7. 3 reads. Most people will think to bring something to read, but one guest recommends picking out three different reads for the differing vibes of your own balcony, the poolside, and the beach. A mystery, magazine, and a romance novel? We won’t judge. 
  8. “Leave me alone” sunglasses. There’s an important distinction here—some sunglasses are for exploring, others are for “me time”. Styles and sizes vary, but whether you look like Elton John or Audrey Hepburn, they let people know “not now thanks”.