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Best Bars and Lounges Onboard Carnival Radiance

Step aboard Carnival Radiance™, and you’ll instantly feel relaxed and ready to head where the balmy breezes blow and crystal-clear waters beckon. This crowd-pleasing cruise ship is built for fun, with plenty of food, drink and entertainment for guests of all ages. Get ready to make some fantastic memories on Carnival Radiance, as you sail to Mexico, Puerto Rico, or any number of delightful Caribbean islands in between.

For adults over 21 looking to kick back with their favorite cocktails, there are plenty of options onboard. As your cruise from Galveston sets sail, take the time to visit some of the best bars available on the high seas.

RedFrog Pub

RedFrog Pub is destined to be your new favorite bar. It’s designed to feel just like your neighborhood pub — if your neighborhood were privy to the sunsets of Key West, that is.

Kick back in these tropical digs and sample snacks from the Caribbean-inspired menu, or grab a beer and hit the foosball table, if you’re feeling competitive. Be sure to try RedFrog’s flagship brew: Thirsty Frog Red™. True to its namesake, this is a refreshing red ale that perfectly balances hops and malt.

bartender pouring beer into a serving tube

RedFrog Rum Bar

No cruise to the Caribbean is complete without sipping some rum, and we’ve got the perfect place to get started. RedFrog Rum Bar is the poolside version of RedFrog Pub, where you never have to decide between diving into the pool or into your next drink.

With 10 featured rums and plenty of pitchers of beer, margaritas and spiked lemonade available, it can be hard to choose a favorite. For a delicious cocktail, try the signature Red’s Rum Treasure, a delectable blend of rum, pineapple, guava and nutmeg.

Alchemy Bar

As you cruise from Galveston, you deserve to be pampered, and Alchemy Bar is the ideal place. Our professional team of mixologists will concoct the perfect cocktail for your vacation vibes. To get you in the spirit, try the Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini.

Not sure that’s the drink for you? Alchemy Bar offers martinis in tasting sizes, so you can sample several before you settle on a favorite.

alchemy bar mixologist mixing cocktails for a group of people

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

So you’re on a cruise to Grand Cayman and you’re craving some Mexican flavors. Now what? Head to BlueIguana Tequila Bar, where you can choose from a dozen signature tequilas and all your favorite Mexican brews. Poolside margaritas are a classic choice, or you can try one of BlueIguana’s amazing tequila cocktails.

Whatever you do, don’t head home without trying Blue’s Corona Extra Michelada. This spicy beer cocktail comes in a glass with a salted rim and is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Piano Bar

Are you the type of person who can’t help singing along to your favorite tunes? Then welcome to Piano Bar, the interactive entertainment spot where the live music plays well into the night. Just request your favorites and be prepared to make new friends as you all raise your voices — and your glasses. There are plenty of beers and cocktails to choose from, or you can treat yourself to a perfectly layered shooter. Be sure to try The Duet, a sweet combination of coffee tequila and Irish Cream. Yum!

piano man singing at piano bar

Drinking Packages and Activities

If being handed a perfect drink ever gets old, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself with adult beverages aboard Carnival Radiance. If you’re something of a drink guru yourself, enter the Mixologist Competition.

You’ll have access to an incredibly wide array of rum, tequila and more, as you stir up your favorite original drink. This is your chance to get creative and earn some bragging rights. If your cocktail is the winner, it will be available for everyone to try at the ship’s bars during your cruise.

Are you a wine lover at heart? Ask your dining room server about the Cruise the Vineyards package, which allows you to enjoy an array of wine from all over the world at a discount.

Also, for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom of ordering a drink without worrying about the bill, the Cheers! drinking package is a must. This pre-paid bar package lets you enjoy nearly anything on the bar menu at a great flat rate, so skip the math and have some fun!

Getting the Most Out of Your Carnival Vacation

There’s nothing like cruising to a gorgeous destination to let the weight of the world slide off your shoulders. So go ahead and indulge in that icy beer or delicious cocktail. Step into any of the excellent Carnival Radiance bars, and you’ll be well on your way to paradise.