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Best Cruise Destinations for Nature Lovers

If you love nature and cruises, you’ll be thrilled to know that they go hand in hand with nature cruises! You can indulge in your favorite outdoor activities while cruising along and experiencing different scenery. There are many different types of nature lovers–seven types in fact–but there are great options for each one! 

Whether you’re looking for sunset cruises, stargazing cruises, or adventure cruises, choose your onboard activities and shore excursions and get ready to be enveloped by all aspects of nature.

two people zip lining across st. maarten

Sunset and Stargazers

If you’re excited by the skies above, choose a stateroom with a view of the horizon. From balconies to ocean views, you’ll be able to observe the universe winking at you while you’re cruising. For more gazing, consider these cruises:

  • Cruise to Key West, Florida, one of the world’s most famous and romantic places to see sunsets. The sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico is a nightly celebration in this coastal town. It’s also become a party destination where local food carts and artists bask in the pink and orange twilight every night.
  • Cruise to Alaska to see the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. This colorful light show is a natural phenomenon which can be seen when cruising between late spring and early fall. The best time to cruise to Alaska would be between April and September when the northern lights activity peaks.

couple looking out to the sunset onboard a carnival ship

Botanical Enthusiasts

You don’t have to ogle great gardens on social media; you can see them for yourself when you know exactly where to go. Here are a few destinations where you can see offbeat, imperfect or even the most lavishly landscaped gardens in the world with rare and lush tropical plants:

a lush, green valley with mountains in kauai, hawaii

Natural Wonder Spectators

Does your bucket list include visiting some of nature’s most spectacular creations? There are plenty of cruises for nature lovers who crave eyeing a glacier or walking on lava. Below are vacation ideas that’ll satisfy your geological passions:

travelers hiking to an alaskan glacier

Outdoor Athletes

You’ll never become a couch (or lounge chair) potato on a cruise. Between ports, enjoy onboard activities to keep you in shape. On shore, choose to be as challenged as you’d like and love every second of it. Below are just a few of nature’s outdoor experiences you can enjoy:

young lady happily peddling through skyride

Water Lovers

Sure, you can relax poolside every day on vacation, but there’s more to a seafaring adventure when you’re on a Carnival cruise®. From getting up-close and personal with marine life to visiting the stunning beaches in Bermuda, below is a sampling of ideas for your next aquatic quest:

group of people on a catamaran looking to the sunset

Intrepid Explorers

Want your adrenaline pumping? There are more opportunities for adventure seekers on a cruise than your typical landlubber vacation. Below are just a few places where you can zip line away to an exciting vacation:

a man zip lining through the forest

Wildlife Watchers

Cruise where the wild things are, and you won’t be disappointed. From birdwatching and whale watching to cuddling with koalas and waddling with wombats, you’ll see wildlife in its natural habitat. Try any one of these adventures:

  • Alaska immediately comes to mind as a great cruise destination for nature-loving wildlife observers. There’s plenty to see while on and off the ship including the Sea Otter & Wildlife Quest in the port of Sitka.
  • While in Alaska, sign up for some unique fishing experiences, including salmon fishing in Juneau. You’ll learn about salmon migration patterns, hot spots and more local knowledge to bring back home.
  • Cruise to Belize for both land and sea safari shore excursions. You’ll enjoy a wildlife riverboat safari on the historic Belize River, followed by a trip to the Belize Zoo.
  • Visit New Zealand while cruising Australia for a Wildlife Discovery Cruise, where you’ll spot the world’s largest seabird, the northern royal albatross. You’ll also witness the breeding colony of fur seals and other marine birds.

a group of people on a horseback riding trail into a forest

Carnival cruises are designed with your love of nature in mind. From our off-the-beaten track expeditions to hikes through Alaska’s final frontier, every nature lover will come home with a new and profound way of looking at the world.