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Fly2Fun: Connect Your Life to Your Cruise with Fly2Fun

Some people happen to live in the same city where their cruise begins, and for those folks, getting their cruise started is as easy as a quick drive.

But a lot of us have to fly before we can get that cruise started. Okay, so nobody loves having to begin their cruise vacation at the airport… but with a Carnival cruise waiting at the end of it, you know the flight is just so worth it!

What if we said you could take care of so many of the hassles of flying, with a few clicks? The flight search, all the planning that goes into figuring out how to get to the ship, plus any worry you might have about having a flight delay cause you to miss your cruise… all of that stuff can be gone in an instant.

Would you believe it if we said that Carnival could get this all done for you? It’s true, with Fly2Fun! Remember, we’re the same folks who make vacation breezy… so would you expect any less from us?

Here’s a few things to know when you book your flight using Fly2Fun!

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First book your cruise, then purchase Fly2Fun.

That’s the order, folks — you need a confirmed Carnival booking to use this service.

You can choose between two types of airfare.

The first kind, Flexible Fares, are the most convenient. You don’t have to pay for your flight right away, and you can change your flights if needed. On the other hand, if you’re sure-sure about your flights and ready to pay for them, choose Restricted Fares and get the absolute best price.

You can fly on any major airline.

We don’t play favorites, we just try to get you as many options as possible. You’ll find dates, times and prices without having to hit up all those airline websites.

You can fly from just about anywhere.

Anywhere in the U.S.? Nope — choose from major airports across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe.

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Our flight prices are competitive.

We definitely try, but if you’re comparing our prices to that of another website, there’s something important to remember…

All Fly2Fun flights include flight protection!

Yes, for real!! If there’s any trouble with weather or flight delays that make you miss the ship, we’ll make sure you get the flights, hotels or transportation you need to make it to the ship. (Other services will charge you extra for this, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping!)

It’s easy to add ground transportation.

Choose this option and we’ll drive you — and your bags, of course — from the airport to the cruise terminal! And then, at the end of your cruise, we’ll take you back to the airport.

We’ll even forward your preferences to the airline.

Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to inform the airline of your requests for flight seat assignments, dietary restrictions or special assistance. They decide whether or not to honor the requests, so you should check in with them for confirmation.

So once you’ve booked your perfect cruise, go to Manage My Booking to pick your travel dates, preferred airline and flight schedule. Then… relax!

couple dancing on deck of a carnival cruise ship

Your Carnival cruise is going to be a highlight of your year, so why kick it off in anything less than the most convenient way? We can’t wait to see you on your cruise, relaxed and ready for fun!