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Carnival x Thrillist: Island Hoppers

We’re joking — but definitely not joking: Carnival Cruise Line® puts more live comedy out into the world than anyone else. Our onboard Punchliner Comedy Clubs actually host more than 27,000 shows a year!

On every cruise comedy pros climb aboard the ship, take the stage and tickle the funny bones of a whole club full of folks like you. There are no tickets to buy, definitely no two-drink minimum… and you’re cruising somewhere great. It’s the perfect comedy club.

“Big deal, Carnival — where’s the next laugh coming from?”

Tough crowd, but good question! We actually had a unique chance to find some up-and-coming comedy talent earlier this year. To make sure we do it right, Carnival teamed up with Thrillist®, got a few Punchliner performers together… and even invited actor James Van Der Beek to host a competition between three up-and-coming comedians. Welcome to Island Hoppers!

One of three will become Carnival’s next Punchliner comedy star…but they have to deliver more than just lols to get the nod. Ready to binge on laughs? Watch the best moments from each episode below, or kick back with full episodes, free, on our YouTube channel.

Episode 1

The contestants take over Alchemy Bar to mix up something tasty… while being funny, of course.

Episode 2

James welcomes the bunch to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where they’ll deliver a joke under some extreme conditions.

Episode 3

The contestants set up at SportSquare — they grab a mic to deliver play-by-play of the others’ best attempts at the ropes course.

Episode 4

This time our heroes meet up at the ship’s Havana Bar, where they have to heat up the dance floor with their spiciest salsa moves.

Episode 5

So let’s just say this one’s a rap battle… with a brief, required detour to the salsa bar at the delicious BlueIguana Cantina.

Episode 6

It’s a scavenger hunt in paradise… Cozumel! They’ll encounter parrots, tequila and a big stone head.

Episode 7

Finally, the funny one. (Kidding!) All three take the stage at the Punchliner Comedy Club… and the audience has a big decision to make.