How to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise

Over the years, families tend to spread out further and further away — which is why it’s important to put effort into planning fun family gatherings each year! Family cruises are a great way to ensure that you get to see your loved ones and that you all can take a little time off together to relax and enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Whether you are getting together with immediate family or planning a big reunion with extended relatives, a Carnival cruise is a wonderful option! It’s a way to get everyone together in the same place and ensure that there will be great food, fun for all ages and beautiful scenery for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re planning a family reunion cruise this year, it’s a good idea to have a family meeting to figure out your travel plans and make sure everyone is on the same page. Here are some key points to consider:

a family standing on a pier with two carnival ships docked in the background

1. Length

How long do you want to be on a cruise for? Cruises range from quick two-day getaways to longer trips of over a week. Everyone should weigh in on how much time they will be able to take off. It’s best to start planning early in order to get everybody on the same page. Short trips are great because they are generally easier to plan for, but if you have a big group that doesn’t get to see each other than often, you may want to extend the travel as long as possible.

2. Embarkation Point

Your family should decide on where you would like your cruise to depart from. Do you want to be able to drive to the embarkation point or are you planning to fly? There are many options when it comes to choosing a Carnival cruise departure port, so check out some of the places that might be close to you or that you could easily fly to. Your whole family can provide input as to where the best point would be.

3. Vacation Style

Everyone likes to vacation their own way. Some people like mellow beach vacations, and others like busy, bustling cities. When your family is together, decide on what kind of trip you’re all seeking to have. Do you want more beach time or more options to do cultural sightseeing? You’ll also have to decide which ship you’d like to go on. Your embarkation point will play into both of these, too. Easy destinations that a lot of families love include the Caribbean, Mexico, The Bahamas, Bermuda and Hawaii. Some provide a blend of relaxing beach time and stimulating sightseeing.

a family walking out of the water after snorkeling at a beach

4. Cabin Sizes

When you’re choosing a cruise, keep in mind that you’ll want to choose staterooms that are comfortable for all family members. Consider the size of the cabin — some are smaller, while others will be much more spacious. Depending on the price of the cabin, they will offer different amenities as well. Carnival makes booking multiple staterooms at the same time very easy so you can manage a trip for a big group. You can book the entire group’s vacation all at once instead of having to ask everyone to book separately, that way you can ensure you have rooms close to each other.

5. Room Types

There are a variety of room types to choose from. Some rooms offer a view of the ocean. Some have private balconies for you to enjoy. Every stateroom is very convenient and offers a full private bathroom. These rooms also include comfort items like Carnival’s own signature line of linens and towels. You can decide if you want a standard room or to splurge on a suite!

6. Packing

Depending on where you are going, you’ll want to consider the items you’ll need to bring with you as well. Carnival travels to Mexico, the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Hawaii and other amazing destinations that are perfect for big group getaways. You will want to make sure you bring necessary clothing, swimsuits, toiletries, etc. so that you are ready for the beach and also for all the cruise activities you’ll find onboard.

7. Shore Excursions

When you’re booking your cruise, consider booking fun shore excursions. These are hand-selected adventures that you can partake in at different destinations, and your family will love to engage in the excitement. They include ziplining, cave tubing, coral garden tours, exploring Atlantis, touring Tulum and more! It’s a great way to break up your time on the boat with some on-shore adventures that are perfect for all ages. You can pair your shore excursions with all of the amazing activities available onboard a Carnival Cruise, such as delicious dinners, concerts, fun and games for kids and more.

a group cave tubing in belize

Planning a family reunion doesn’t need to be stressful. Just start by getting everyone together in advance to make decisions about your dream family vacation. You’ll be embarking on the vacation cruise of your dreams with all your loved ones in no time!