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The Top 10 Things to Do in Princess Cays

What to Do in Princess Cays

  1. Visit Local Villages
  2. Snorkel the Seas
  3. Go Fishing
  4. Get into the Water (Sports)
  5. Get Rad on a Dune Buggy
  6. Take a Walk
  7. Hang on Tight
  8. Retreat like a VIP
  9. Beach Yourself
  10. See the Coast


The number one reason to look for a cruise that calls at Princess Cays is that it’s a private port, exclusively for cruisers. So, you can expect plenty of room to roam and relax. Here are 10 other reasons to love this beautiful pocket of The Bahamas, which is found on the island of Eleuthera. (In no particular order.)

people swimming at the beach in princess cays

Visit Local Villages
Eluethera’s most famous hub, Harbour Island, is a bit too far to visit in a day, but there are some small villages within reach of Princess Cays that you can visit during your time in port. The main one is Rock Sound, which is Instagram-ready with beautiful beaches and colorful buildings. It’s known for its pirate history and a bottomless blow hole. You can also visit the fishing village Tarpum Bay.

Plan a getaway

Snorkel the Seas
Like so many parts of The Bahamas, Princess Cays lets you snorkel without having to venture too far out into the ocean. The warm waters are teeming with brightly-colored fish and other sea creatures. You can rent snorkel equipment and step right in! There is a boat excursion for more experienced snorkelers.

Go Fishing
This part of The Bahamas is known for its great fishing and avid anglers can rent a rod and reel and try their luck at a rocky area of the coastline at Princess Cays. You can even enlist the guidance of a local Bahamian fishing expert upon request.

a couple riding an aqua bike in princess cays

Get into the Water (Sports)
Getting into the clear waters of The Bahamas is the best way to make the most of your time in Princess Cays. Exactly how you do that is up to you: a whole host of water sports equipment is available to rent here (we recommend pre-reserving before you arrive). Try your hand at kayaking, windsurfing, paddle wheeling or sailing a Hobie Wave.

two women paddle wheeling in princess cays

Get Rad on a Dune Buggy
This is one for the serious adventure-fiends. Sign up for a Dune Buggy tour and explore the southernmost tip of Eluethera Island. You’ll see the sleepy Bannerman Town and beautiful church ruins, and travel over both bumpy back rounds before reaching the pink sands of Lighthouse Beach—where you can finally catch your breath.

Take a Walk
Looking for something more laidback? Strolling around is easy here, with bridges connecting Princess Cays’ attractions. But you could also venture deeper by booking a tour of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. See the Bahamian native habitat up close and enjoy the kind of peace that comes from communing with nature.

two women enjoying fresh coconut drinks in princess cays

Hang on Tight
Yes, you’ve just been on a boat, but cruise ships offer smooth sailing. Rev up your heart rate with a Banana Boat ride. Zoom along the shoreline and prepare to get wet!

Retreat like a VIP
Need some alone time? Princess Cays has private, air-conditioned bungalows for rent, where you can relax with your sweetheart, chill with friends, or enjoy some quality family time. Trams will whisk you off to your private retreat and back to the ship.

pastel colored private beach bungalows in princess cays

Beach Yourself
The most popular pastime of all on a cruise has to be beach time, and Princess Cays does not disappoint in this department. Find your own patch of sand and enjoy. You can also rent a beach clamshell and comfy beach chair to maximize your private island time.

a couple enjoying their bungalow in princess cays

See the Coast
It takes smaller vessels to get close to the coastline so you can really explore Eleuthera’s picturesque coves and rocky outcrops. One-hour coastal cruise tours are available, as are glass-bottom boat cruises, if you’d rather check out what’s beneath the surface.

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