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What You Don’t Need to Pack for a Cruise

What You Don’t Need to Pack for a Cruise

  • Hair dryer
  • Computer
  • Strollers
  • Snacks
  • Beach and Pool Towels


Packing for my family for trips isn’t always an easy task. From swimsuits to dining clothes, pajamas and everyday outfits, our suitcases can fill up pretty quickly.

We’ve cruised four times together as a family and I’m finally figuring out what we can leave at home when traveling. It’s made our suitcases lighter and, best of all – now there’s more room to bring home souvenirs!


Here’s a look at what you do *not* need to pack for your Carnival cruise 

Hair dryer

This may be the item that takes up the most room in a suitcase. It is awkwardly shaped and not used a lot either, so leave it at home.

You’ll find a hair dryer built into the powder station drawer in your stateroom. And I’m happy to report that each hair dryer I’ve used onboard has been heavy duty and just as great as mine at home. Don’t worry about your hair, you will still look fabulous!



I always have the urge to bring along a computer, in case I get the urge to write while I’m sailing. However, having a computer completely defeats the point of being on vacation! Instead, I bring along a small notebook to jot down notes during the week. There are wi-fi capabilities onboard (for a fee) and if you need your online ‘fix’, stop by the Internet Cafe to check in with your friends at home.


While we don’t typically use our stroller while we are on the ship, we have found it helpful to have an umbrella stroller on the days we are in port. There’s no need to bring one from home though, you can rent strollers on the ship at the kids camp.



For sailings 5-days or more, a stroller rental is $30. For 3-to-4 day sailings, it’s only $8 a day. Single strollers are available on all cruise ships; and some ships even have double strollers available for rent. So, save your little one’s energy and let them ride in style while you are in port!


I laugh about it now, but when preparing for our first cruise – I packed snacks for the girls to last an entire week. Hello?! You’re on a cruise ship where most food is included, plus room service! There is no need to bring snacks for the kiddos. My girls were thrilled with the menu items each day and our afternoon ritual included room service PB&Js with potato chips during ‘family rest time’.

Beach and Pool Towels


Leave your big, fluffy towels at home and take advantage of the oversized, blue towels in your stateroom. When packing for our first cruise, I was so unsure about whether to bring my own towels. Don’t waste the space in your suitcase, because these towels are the perfect size for drying off after time in the pool and hot tub. You’ll be dry in no time!

You can use the towels on the ship and even while in port. Each evening, leave your blue towel out for your stateroom steward and you’ll have a fresh towel waiting for you upon your return. In addition to pool time, I love using my towel as a blanket to wrap up in during nightly Dive-In Movies on the Lido deck.


Don’t let the fear of packing stress you out. Before you know it, you’ll be sailing away without a care in the world. And you won’t even miss those items you chose to leave at home.

So, what are your tips for not overpacking? Are there things that you’d prefer to leave at home? Or are there things that you can’t leave home without when traveling? What travel item isn’t a necessity for your family?  I’d love to hear what works for you…


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.