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The Best Onboard Activities for the Sports Fan

Many people enjoy going on a cruise vacation so they can visit several destinations in the Caribbean or other areas around the globe. However, one of the best things about a cruise isn’t just the enchanting and exotic destinations the vacation allows you to visit, it’s also about the fun and exciting onboard activities to be found right there on the ship.

a group of people playing foosball at sportsquare

A Carnival cruise offers a wide array of exciting, relaxing and fun activities, from one end of the ship to the other. In fact, you’ll find plenty to do both day and night. And don’t worry — if you’re a sports fan or someone who likes to stay active, Carnival has you and your kids covered with an assortment of onboard activities offering the best in sports-related family fun and thrills!


Anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, eating healthy or just partaking in some sporty activities on occasion is going to want to check out SportSquare, an onboard complex that offers a plethora of recreational fun. You can play several games with friends and family, challenge strangers and fellow shipmates, or just enjoy some of the activities yourself.

Some of the great options available at SportSquare include:


A volleyball court is ready and waiting for you to challenge your fellow shipmates to a friendly game. Offering a good workout plus plenty of fun, you can play volleyball with just a few friends or a whole group of people.

girls and guys playing volleyball at sportsquare


Play one-on-one, or get a whole group together to form a team and shoot some hoops! There’s nothing like some basketball under the open sky on the ocean blue!

dad and son play basketball


Who doesn’t like dodgeball? The diving, the ducking, the dodging and that feeling of satisfaction as you knock them out of the game with a well-aimed throw! The last time you played dodgeball may have been a while ago, but you’ll quickly dive right into this fun game again, and likely find plenty of other cruisers ready to join in.

Miniature Golf

There’s nothing miniature about the amount of fun you and your family will have playing at the onboard mini golf course. This clever course offers all the challenge a regular miniature golf course back on land might, along with well-designed obstacles that will test your golfing skill while you putt away under the clear blue sky.

couple plays mini golf

Ropes Course

Our ropes course is on the top deck through which you and your family can navigate. For those who want to test their skills or just take it easy, it offers two different levels of challenge. It’s suitable for all ages, and safety harnesses make it safe enough for everyone to be a bit daring.

family on the ropes course

SkyBox Sports Bar

After all that fun activity, what better way for a sports fan to relax than to watch a game and enjoy a refreshing drink at a Sports Bar? The SkyBox Sports Bar is just one of the fully-stocked sports bars onboard. While basking in the delightful energy of the bar shared with fellow sports fans, you’ll find yourself in a comforting and relaxing environment. It’s the perfect place to unwind and watch a game on a big flat screen TV.

: fans cheering on their teams in the sports bar

Enjoy a refreshing beer or a well-crafted cocktail while you sit back , relax, and watch a game or two. You’ll also be able to catch up on the latest scores by your favorite teams as they come across the ticker, as well as play some of the hottest game titles yourself if you feel so inclined. You’ll find plenty of other shipmates eager for a challenge, as well as those who just want to talk sports with a fellow fan.

Of course there’s plenty more to do onboard to stay fit and active. You’ll find plenty of exercise equipment and weight machines in the gym, and there is also the track for getting in some good cardio while taking in the sights of the surrounding ocean and nearby destinations.

two men running on the onboard track

There are enough activities on the ship to keep even the biggest sports fan and active lifestyle enthusiast both occupied and satisfied. In fact, you’ll soon discover there is so much for a sports fan to do onboard a Carnival Cruise that you might even find yourself worn out a lot quicker than you thought. But that’s nothing a refreshing dip in the pool can’t fix!

So whether you are looking for a fun weekend getaway with the family or a longer cruise to The Bahamas, Mexico, the Caribbean or Hawaii, you don’t have to worry about getting your sports fix. All the fun activities and sports action you can handle are waiting for you.

Note: Onboard activities vary by ship.