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Connecting Americans to the military with The World’s First Social-Powered Barbecue

Carnival Cruise Line is known for bringing people together. So on the Fourth of July, we partnered with Operation Homefront to do something memorable for the military—connecting them with everyday Americans who appreciate everything they do.

We asked Americans to post messages of gratitude for the military on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—along with the hashtag #ThankYouBurger. Then, after repurposing a special laser for culinary use, we inscribed these messages directly onto burger buns—which were then served to the troops at Marine Air Corps Station Miramar (MCAS) in San Diego for a special Fourth of July event.

marines walking to the barbecue

As they stood in line, Marines were able to read thank-you messages as they were being lasered, before being served freshly grilled burgers inside those very same buns.

Over 15,000 #ThankYouBurger messages were sent and, in recognition of this, Carnival donated $25,000 to help Operation Homefront fulfill its mission of building strong, stable, and secure military families.

three marines show off the messages lasered onto their burger buns

Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 and a captain in the United States Army Reserve, was also there to personally share a #ThankYouBurger with several Marines.

miss usa 2016 and us army captain share a conversation

It was a thrill to see everyone come together around this special #ThankYouBurger barbecue—from those who attended the event to every American back home who helped make it happen.

a group of burgers with gratitude messages lasered onto the buns