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9 Tips to Choose Love During Your Valentine’s Day Cruise

9 Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day Cruise

  1. Enjoy Activities Inspired by Love
  2. Experience Bliss With a Date at the Spa
  3. Toast to Your Love
  4. Spend Time Together in Serenity
  5. Delectable Dining for Two
  6. Capture Your Love for Each Other at Dreams’ Studio
  7. Book a Romantic Shore Excursion
  8. Shop for a Special Gift to Show Your Love
  9. Renew Your Vows


Love is in the air, everywhere, on your Valentine’s Day cruise. From spectacular sunsets to intimate dining experiences and romantic shore excursions, there’s nothing like a couple’s cruise to truly celebrate your relationship. Get ready to toast to your love, with our 9 top tips for dreamy days and lavish nights, both at sea and on land.

woman hugging her husband in a carnival pool

Enjoy Activities Inspired By Love

Have you ever wanted to be featured on a Kiss Cam, just like a scene from a romantic movie? Carnival’s Kiss Cam makes your dream come true, so you can show everyone a small scene from your own love story.

Other onboard activities inspired by love include Valentine’s Day Trivia, where you work together as a team and answer fun, challenging questions about the day. The Romeo Contest is all about winning over the crowd by singing a love song, reciting poetry or maybe even sharing a proposal.

You’ll also enjoy Valentine’s themed bingo and Dive-In movies to get cozy with blankets, popcorn and blockbuster films.

Experience Bliss With a Date at the Spa

If you’re looking for a relaxing date idea on a romantic cruise, a couple’s massage is a perfect choice. Cloud 9 Spa is a tranquil haven in which to escape, rejuvenate and experience a blissful time out together.

Along with a decadent massage using essential oils, scented herbal poultices or hot stones, slip into the hydrotherapy pool. You’ll soak in sea-water together and reinvigorate with the trace elements and vitamins of nature.

couple getting a massage in cloud 9 spa

Toast to Your Love

Your love is special and deserves a toast to celebrate it! On a Valentine’s Day cruise to The Bahamas, Caribbean or Mexico, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. For example, tantalize your taste buds with a specialty cocktail themed with love in mind, to enjoy on deck with the sunset.

Take romance a step further and choose flower arrangements, gift baskets, or best of all, champagne and strawberries from Cherry on Top. Goodies from the sweet-filled store can be delivered to your room to create extra special memories of your cruise vacation.

Spend Time Together in Serenity

On a couple’s cruise, you’ll want space, peace, and quiet to stare into each other’s eyes with stunning sunrises or sunsets for company. The Serenity Adult-Only Retreat gives you the opportunity to connect with the love of your life, with sea breezes and incredible ocean views to set the scene. You’ll also find plush lounge chairs for two and a nearby bar for your favorite drinks.

couple laying on an outdoor daybed in serenity

Delectable Dining for Two

The specialty restaurants onboard Carnival cruise ships provide romantic backdrops to make Valentine’s Day dining a treat. Italy has long been associated with romance. Italian cuisine at Cucina del Capitano® will delight your palate, complete with iconic red and white checkered tablecloths for atmosphere.

When nothing but Japanese will do, Bonsai Teppanyaki is an intimate restaurant to try filet mignon, fish, shrimp and lobster prepared right in front of you. At The Chef’s Table, you’ll enjoy a VIP experience with a full-service dinner by the Master Executive Chef, as well as a tour of the galley in operation.

For premium cuts of beef cooked to your specifications, reserve a table for two at the Steakhouse.

Capture Your Love for Each Other at Dreams Studio

Have you ever had a couple’s portrait done? A couple’s cruise is the perfect time to do it, with professional photographers at Dreams Studio. Choose a Valentine’s Day backdrop, among others, and capture your cruise adventure to take home as a photo souvenir. When you do, you’ll receive 10% off salon services and $50 off a personalized, special edition book.

Book a Romantic Shore Excursion

Romance awaits onshore too, with magical journeys available to share with each other. On a cruise to Mexico, discover the isolated cove of Las Caletas, in Puerto Vallarta. Under a starry night sky, you’ll visit a mystical pyramid hidden in a tropical rainforest, watch theatre inspired by the spirit world and dine by candlelight beneath swaying palm trees.

senior couple laying on beach floats on a caribbean beach

Or, choose a fun-loving adventure with a Horseback Ride and Swim in Ocho Rios, where you’ll also climb the cascading Dunn’s River Falls. Do you love sampling rum together? A cruise to Bermuda lets you delve into the history of the famous Gosling’s Rum, while trying the national drink.

On a couple’s cruise to Cabo San Lucas, dive into an Aqua Trio Adventure for snorkeling arm in arm, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking on crystal clear seas.

Shop for a Special Gift to Show Your Love

Seal your love with a kiss, and a gift, from one of the cruise ship’s luxury stores. Choose fine jewelry for him or her, from a selection of exquisite, meaningful pieces. Add some sparkle to your vacation with diamonds and gemstones, or show your appreciation with a stylish watch.

For fashion-forward lovers, you’ll find designer clothes and accessories like sunglasses and fine-leather bags, all at duty-free and tax-free prices.

Renew Your Vows

What could be more romantic than renewing your vows on your Valentine’s Day cruise? A Renewal of Vows ceremony takes place with the ship’s captain officiating and all the fabulous details taken care of for you, such as music, a wedding cake and drinks to toast to your love.

Starry night skies, spectacular sunrises and ocean views ensure love is in the air, on a Valentine’s Day cruise. With fun activities for couples, specialty dining, incredible shore excursions and serene spaces for ultimate relaxation, the scene is set to star in your own love story, where sailing into the sunset is a real-life dream come true.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.