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Three Things I Love About Carnival’s New Ships

I hadn’t been on a Carnival Cruise in over 10 years, so when I hopped on board the Carnival Sunshine for a girlfriends getaway retreat, I was surprised by all the new amenities available on Carnival’s new ships.  It seemed with every corner we turned, and every nook and cranny explored, there were fun surprises to experience.  From simple things, like getting organized in our cabin, to being wowed by the variety of dining experiences and trying out a different restaurant each night, to truly experiencing what a vacation is all about by getting to nap on hammocks while at sea — here are three of my favorite things about Carnival’s new ships.


Well-Planned Organized Cabin Space (Video Tour)

woman looks off into the distance onboard a Carnival cruise ship, link to Youtube video

Right off the bat, the cabins really impressed us. All the well-planned shelves, drawers, and storage spaces allowed us to unpack all of our things while leaving plenty of room to feel at home.  Check out this short video tour of the inside of our Carnival Cruise cabin.

A Variety Of Restaurants


Last time I went on a cruise, there was really only a few options for dining including the all-day-buffet and the more formal dining hall.  Today, there were over ten restaurants, such as Guy’s Burger Joint,  Bonsai Sushi, Cucina del Capitano, an Italian cucina with made-from-scratch pasta, a coffee shop called JavaBlue Cafe, and even a wine bar.  We had dinner at a different place every night!

Tranquility Deck


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This was a nice surprise.  While I love listening to fun upbeat music by the pool with a cocktail in hand, sometimes I crave a chill spa-like vibe and Carnival’s Serenity Deck is the perfect place.  With swaying hammocks, little alcoves, and tranquil music, it was the perfect place to drift away into a sea-induced nap while pretending to read a book.  It was the perfect retreat!

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.