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Why Cruising is Perfect for Newlyweds

Choosing a vacation as a newlywed couple can be difficult. We’ll be the first to admit it. You must agree on a location, itinerary, hotel(s), length of stay, points of interest… we could go on and on. Both of us have different views on what a vacation should look like, and we’re sure many of you can relate! This, friends, brings us to the beauty and ease of cruising… it’s all done for you! All you have to do is agree upon where and when you’d like to cruise, and pack your bags. Thanks to Carnival, vacation mode happens the minute you start booking your trip! Perfect mode of travel for newlyweds? We think so! Here are just a few reasons why:

1. You’re completely off the grid. No work, no chores, no emails! There’s no better feeling than setting an away message, turning your phone on airplane mode, and spending quality, uninterrupted time with your significant other. Sure, you can have Wi-Fi if you prefer, but we love the excuse to turn off our phones. After a couple days at sea, you’ll even forget you have a phone! You’ll be too busy gazing into the wondrous blue ocean from your hot tub.


2. You can pick your own adventure. We stopped at three ports on our Western Caribbean cruise: Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. Being the thrill-seekers we are, we lived it up at each destination. Booking excursions was quick and easy, and everything we did exceeded our expectations.

In Jamaica we took an aerial tram up to the top of a large mountain! We saw the most incredible views of Jamaica, and some of the most beautiful plants, trees, and wildlife we’ve ever seen! There were spiders. BIG spiders. But we won’t show you those.


We also went bobsledding. Bobby was stoked because he’s been a longtime fan of the movie Cool Runnings. Alli was stoked because she could say she’d “Bobsledded with Bob.”


In Grand Cayman we took a Catamaran around the island, and couldn’t believe how warm and how blue the water was!


In Cozumel, we rented a Jeep and explored the island!


We discovered beautiful beaches, sipped coconut water on the sand, and toured real Mayan ruins. We even made a friend!


We were amazed by all that you can see and do in ONE day at each location. Newlyweds that are cruising to rest and relax, however, can go a different route. There are excursions for private island getaways, beach clubs, and massages. Maybe next trip we’ll slow down! 😉

3. Finally, cruising is extremely romantic. It seems as though everywhere you turn there are opportunities for romance!

Whether we were treating ourselves to a candlelit dinner at Cucina del Capitano, (one of the specialty restaurants aboard the Carnival Breeze – it’s intimate, candlelit, and absolutely delicious!),


Or taking a nightly stroll along the peaceful and colorfully lit Lido Deck,


Or cuddled up next to each other watching a Broadway-quality show, it felt as though we were living in a dream!


A dream that is PERFECT for newlyweds like us.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.