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DIY Macrame Camera Strap

On our last big trip, I was wishing the whole time I had a better strap for my camera! While we’re at home I like using a hand strap but for travel, it’s just not practical or safe. And as the girl who tends to drop things, I really try to keep tabs on my precious equipment. (One time in Paris I dropped my lens cap down a storm drain and had to find a camera store to try to purchase a new one in a weird English-French hybrid. Not an ideal situation.) So! Enter this awesome DIY macrame camera strap! It’s so quick to make and is perfect for spring and summer travel adventures. We teamed again with Carnival Cruise Line to put together another fun travel-inspired DIY for your next trip. How cute are you gonna look on the cruise snapping photos with this around your neck?!




  • macrame cord
  • swivel clasps
  • clothespins
  • Industrial Strength Glue
  • scissors

Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Glue Drying Time)


Step 1: Cut 2 lengths of macrame cord, 4 yards each.

Step 2: Fold each length of cord so that there’s 1 yard on one side and 3 yards on the other side. Insert the midpoints through the flat part of one swivel clasp, keeping the long ends of the strands on the outsides.

Step 3: Pull the ends of each cord through its own respective loop and pull taut around the clasp.

Step 4: Begin tying a square knot. Take the leftmost cord (should be a long one), cross it over the center two cords and under the rightmost (the other long) cord. Then bring the right cord under the center two and up & over the left cord. Pull this taut. This is half of your square knot.

Step 5: Complete the square knot by doing the reverse of step 4. Cross the right cord over the center two and under the left; then cross the left cord under the center two and over the right. Pull taut and you have completed a square knot.

Step 6: Continue tying square knots until your camera strap is the right length for you.

Step 7: Trim the ends of all four cords. Insert all four cords through another swivel clasp. Place a dollop of E 6000 glue on the end of each cord, fold the cords over the clasp, and hold in place with clothespins while the glue dries.


Once the glue is dry, remove the clips and pop the strap on your camera! I love the macrame cord for a camera strap because it’s super lightweight and flexible, and comfy around your neck. It’s brilliant for travel, too — so handy to be able to sling your camera over your shoulder and go. So where are your spring travels taking you? Hoping you get to cruise away to somewhere fun! Will you be toting your camera on your new macrame strap?! xoxo
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This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.