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How To Use Textiles As Travel Souvenirs

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for travel souvenirs then look no further. I’ve been having a blast collecting textiles from various regions either from my own travels, like my recent Carnival cruise, or receiving them as gifts from family and friends.


For example, your travels to the Caribbean may inspire you to experiment with rich, vibrant colors. Some fabrics are locally made, however you may find most have been imported from neighboring countries.

Have fun scouting local markets for prints with pattern and color. If you love the feel of raw silk or the warmth of wool, then place your emphasis on texture. The options are endless.

In this post I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to use souvenir textiles at home and providing tips on how to pack them wisely.



On the island of St. Kitts exotic, hand dyed batiks are popular or even textiles imported from “neighboring” countries in Africa. I fell in love instantly with this indigo colored mudcloth and had it fabricated into a faux Roman shade.


The deep color and large scaled pattern add a modern touch to our powder bathroom. We always know who’s made a trip to the loo when it instantly becomes a topic of conversation.


This photo of my master bedroom features three travel souvenirs. Can you name them?



Nothing gives your home a well-travelled look like a pillow made from a kilim rug. It’s energetic geometric pattern and hearty wool texture makes an interesting contrast next to the solid gold silk. When purchasing pillows, it’s best to leave the insert behind and only purchase the cover. Because it folds flat, it’s easy to pack enough to accent an entire living room.



This huetiful raw silk Moroccan throw serves as a bedscarf in our master bedroom. Surprisingly,  I got the idea from the bedding ensemble on my Carnival cruise. While I wouldn’t unpack my luggage on this delicate textile, it makes for a quick and easy way to add color to our neutral bedding. It also provides a wide range of colors I can choose from for additional accents.



While this obviously is not a textile, it’s a gift option that can’t be overlooked. Beautifully painted knobs and pulls fit easily into your suitcase or carry on luggage. When deciding on how many to buy, consider anywhere from 10-12 pieces. This may not be enough to outfit your kitchen but will certainly suffice when adding lovely touches smaller furniture like a dresser or desk.

Want more ideas? Frame a fabric remnant for an eye catching wall hanging or use a couple yards of fabric to make dinner napkins and coordinating placemats.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.