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Travel Pouch DIY

It’s been so fun to go wild with these travel-inspired DIYs with Carnival Cruise Line! This last one is sweet and simple but absolutely perfect for summer, whether you’re staying in one spot or jumping on a cruise ship to a far-off isle (which, by the way, I realllllly wish I was doing right about now!). And just for funsies, let’s play a game — if you could sail away to anywhere right this second, where would you go? Ohhhh, the possibilities! Think on that and in the meantime, let’s make these bad boys!





  • toiletry pouch or small purse
  • gold vinyl iron-on material
  • scissors, craft knife, or cutting machine
  • iron
  • ironing sheet

Make Time: 30 Minutes


Step 1: Cut your letters out of the iron-on vinyl. If you have a cutting machine, fire it up and let it do its thing! If not, print words on your printer, trace onto the vinyl, and cut out by hand.

Step 2: Begin placing the letters on the pouch. I recommend starting from the center of the phrase and working your way outward so that the words stay centered on the bag.

Step 3: Finish placing all the letters.

Step 4: Consult the instructions on your iron-on material. Ours worked best by using an ironing sheet, placing it over the vinyl, and smoothing the letters down with a hot iron.

Fill up your bag and hit the road! Okay, let’s finish the game — where would you set sail for today?! I’m gonna go with a little trip to Europe and a stop in Greece. I’ve never been and I’m just dying to see those colors in real life. Now you — where does your dream trip take you?! xoxo



This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.