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For the Love of The Hawaiian Shirt

Iconic Hawaiian shirts will always be a go-to for travelers and party-goers alike. (Because quite frankly nothing says “I’m ready to have fun” like a loud, tropical print!) My personal preference is for close cousin “palm prints,” which have taken off as one of the hottest trends this summer. Palm prints are a bit more subdued, and have graphics of actual palm trees and leaves while maintaining that tropical feel we associate with Hawaiian shirts. Of course the forms they adorn – rompers, shoes, bikinis – versus a man’s button-down, certainly help the cuteness factor, too!

Living in Florida and in general loving all things tropical and the ocean, palm prints are right up my fashion alley. My own top above is an example of this type of style (picture above of three ways I’ve worn it), and I’ve rounded up some more ways to capture this style on a budget below. (That first romper is calling my name!!)

Why all the tropical prints today? One, because… palm prints. They are just too cute not to share. Two, because I’m partnering with Carnival Cruise Lines over the next couple months and wanted to let you guys know! I’ve gone on two Carnival cruises since the inception of this blog, so partnering together for a new trip and some blog content (packing, shopping, dress codes, and more) is kind of a match made in heaven if you ask me. I’ll be sharing all my best tips, shopping finds, and of course tons of pictures. And you can be sure palm prints will be making the cut when I pack my bags!

Would you ever wear a palm print? Which one is most your style?



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Dress  /  Swimsuit  /  Top  /  Top

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.