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How to Pack a Hat for a Cruise

Andrea sitting on a bed holding a hat in front of her face with a suitcase next to her

Hola + bonjour friends! How are you?!

Sooo a question I get often is: “I know this is silly but…how do you pack your hats?!” Well, more times than not I end up traveling with a hat on my head– but then what about the trips that might include a couple hat options? Lets say, a night hat and a day hat? (Yes, thats a thing, imo— you know, a smaller, black hat for a bar or club. And then maybe a big straw hat for sunshine filled days… you know?). I don’t know, I’m obviously a hat person. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, a hat always seems like a good idea. It’s cute and protective – oh, and great for when you don’t have enough time to wash your hair. 😉

So let’s say you’ve been running around the beach all day in the sun and wind on a Carnival Cruise and then need to quickly make your way to dinner, a grab-and-go smaller hat makes sense, haha!

3 hats sitting on top of a bed with a hand reaching out to grab one

First: choose your favorite hat(s).

Overhead photo of Andrea packing her suitcase

If you don’t have a thick, flat button luggage, then I suggest lining the bottom of your luggage with your thicker, sturdier items. More than likely this will be any pants/bottoms you’re bringing.

Hand holding out hat filled with smaller items

If you’re packing more than one hat, it’s best to layer them. (if they can fit without crushing each other). Once carefully layered, begin filling your hat with all your smaller items (socks, underwear, bathing suits, bandanas, small rolled shirts, whatever!) Fill all the way!

Overhead photo of of suitcase with stack of hats inside

Place your hat(s) into your luggage, as close to one side as you can. Begin rolling your bigger items (shirts, sweaters, pjs) and create a safe, soft wall around your hat.

Overhead photo of suitcase being packed

You’ll need at least one rolled item around your hat— or a few layers of items, depending on how big/thick your items are.

Andrea finishing up packing her suitcase

If you have enough room on the sides you can just place a stack of clothes on one side as a wall. In this case I had a sweatshirt and a few shirts on three sides. And a stack of shirts, rompers, and scarves on the other.

Packed suitcase laying on top of a bed

Your last (optional) step is to lay any larger, flat belongings on top before closing up the suit case. In this case, it was a jean jacket, for possible windy or cold nights.

Andrea sitting on a bed and wearing a hat with a suitcase next to her

And voila! Zip up your luggage and you’re done 🙂 Now you’re ready to adventure!


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.