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Stay Fit Onboard: 6 Sports Activities on a Cruise

Taking a cruise vacation is an excellent way to relax. You can hit the beaches and see all the sights as you travel to Hawaii, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico or other fascinating destinations. And, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy while you’re on the ship. If you’re a sports enthusiast, or if you just want to stay fit while on your cruise, you’ll want to take advantage of these fun onboard sports and activities to stay active as you cruise to your next destination.

palm trees on a beach in mexico

1. The Jogging Track

You may jog regularly at home and want to continue your workout, or maybe you just want to give it a try to get your blood pumping in the morning. You won’t find a better place to try it out than the onboard jogging track. The scenic view and breeze will keep you motivated. The jogging tracks on all of our ships are padded to help put a spring in your step and to make sure you’re comfortable if you’re planning a long-distance run.

woman running on the jogging track

2. Dodgeball

Do you remember playing dodgeball as a kid? Well, the sport has gained popularity among adults, too. You’ll make many new friends as you dodge and weave to win the game. Due to the short speed sprints that work like interval training, dodgeball is an excellent aerobic exercise. It increases agility and balance as you dodge the balls. Throwing the ball across the court works your shoulders, back, abs and arms. In addition, it’s a good stress reliever and a lot of fun.

3. Volleyball

Volleyball is a great team sport. And, you don’t need to have a team ready – you’ll find groups of people already waiting to join in! You’ll quickly make new friends as you work together as a team. It’s social, but it’s also excellent exercise. Volleyball burns calories and fat, which will help you work off that buffet you just couldn’t resist. If you play a 12-minute game of volleyball, you’ll use the same amount of energy as you would if you jogged a mile. In addition, all the stretching and jumping tones your upper and lower body.

a group of people playing volleyball at sportsquare

4. Basketball

Shooting hoops is always fun! Get the kids together and go challenge some of your fellow travelers to get in on some family fun. Even if you’re the only basketball fanatic in your family, you can quickly join a game and take advantage of the great sea breezes that will keep you cool while you get a workout. In fact, playing basketball for an hour can burn over 600 calories, build endurance and improve balance and coordination. Besides, the rules are simple and it can help your family develop friendships with other traveling families that can last a lifetime.

5. Water Workouts

If you need to work on your tan but want to get some exercise, you’ll love the onboard swimming pools. It’s fun to be in the water while you’re on the water, and water resistance workouts are excellent for low-impact exercise. Lie out in the sun, sit under an umbrella and alternate with dips in the pool to round out a day of relaxation.

a view of a carnival cruise pool

6. Fitness Centers

You can enjoy several fitness activities while you cruise to your next destination. At the onboard Fitness Center, there’s no pressure to fit in a workout in between commuting, working and rushing home. You’ll find a wide range of equipment to help you complete a full workout that will rival the gym you normally go to.

fitness center onboard a carnival cruise

Fitness Classes will help motivate you to stay fit while you’re cruising. You may be interested in yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling or boot camp. The instructors will work with you to make sure you’re getting the most from the energy you invest. Besides that, if you want some personal attention, you can schedule a personal trainer who will help you reach your goals.

If you’d rather have an ocean view while you work out, try SkyFitness where you can ride a bike or work the bag. There’s also a vita course that offers a variety of different workout stations.

Give yourself a different kind of challenge at the ropes course, located high above the activities on the deck. It’s quite a view and the breeze is always refreshing. The course has two challenge levels, and you can increase or decrease the difficulty level as you go. Not sure you want to be high above it all without a net? Never fear. You’ll be safely strapped in, which encourages even the kids to test their ability as they complete the course.

a woman goes through the ropes course

If you’re wondering if the famous Carnival cruise meals will spoil your fitness plans, don’t be. Eating healthy on a cruise is certainly easy to do. There are always healthy choices at every meal. And, keep in mind you can always ask the chef to modify a meal to suit your needs or ask for a half portion to eat less without giving up your favorite delicacy.

And, don’t forget the nightclub. If you skip your workout one day, you can always dance off quite a few calories before turning in for the night! Onboard activities are plentiful on all Carnival cruise ships. The sports and activities available make it easy and fun to stay fit while on a cruise.

Note: Onboard activities vary by ship.