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Dinner With A Michelin Star Chef? Yep, with the Carnival® Mastercard®!

If you have the Carnival Mastercard® in your wallet, you know that it can help get you places. And we’re not even talking about Carnival FunPoints®, which help get you closer to your next cruise vacation since you collect more of these with every purchase!

No, what we’re focusing on here is an amazing experience that we were so excited to share with Carnival Mastercard® cardmembers in San Francisco. It came as an invitation out of the blue… really, how often are you invited to dine with a renowned Michelin-star chef? Yep, it was Chef Dominique Crenn, who has actually picked up three Michelin Stars in her career.

chef crenn talking to carnival mastercard card members at her san francisco restaurant, bar crenn

Named “A Movable Feast,” the culinary event took place at not one, but two of Chef Crenn’s San Francisco spots: Bar Crenn and Petit Cren. Folks started the evening at Bar Crenn, enjoying drinks and an interactive discussion about the chef’s culinary journey.

Then they were whisked away — not in a cruise ship, but a private van — to Petit Crenn for an unforgettable multi-course dining experience.

pouring champagne in 8 glasses at bar crenn

You know how we’re always encouraging Carnival guests — and all people, really! — to choose fun? That’s why we also extended a unique invitation to lucky cardmembers: A ride on the Carnival AirShip, a blimp that’s been touring the US as a floating reminder that everybody should get more fun into their lives.

National hype becomes local when the AirShip floats into your town… and even cruises can’t give you aerial views like this!

carnival mastercard cardmembers posing in front of the carnival choosefun airship

It goes without saying that Carnival perks extend far beyond what you’ll experience on board… at least when you have the Carnival credit card! Benefits like these may not happen every day, but you’ll want to have the card in your wallet, just in case.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.