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10 Signs You Need a Cruise Vacation

10 Signs You Need a Cruise Vacation

  1. When You Enter the Room, Even Your Cat Runs
  2. Coming in to Work a Little Late on a Friday is Your Idea of Time Off
  3. You’re on a First-Name Basis with Your Pizza Guy
  4. You’re Always the House Sitter, Never the Traveler
  5. Your Co-Workers are Also Restless
  6. You Haven’t Seen the End of Your To-Do List in Months
  7. You Just Can’t Get Warm
  8. Spaced Out? Heck, You’re Downright Confused
  9. You Look Like an Extra in the Latest Vampire Series
  10. You’re Obsessed With All Things Tropical

From time to time, everyone feels overworked, a little cranky, or stuck in a rut, but lately life may seem to be throwing you extra lemons. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to take a break, read further. Ten revealing signs signal you need a cruise vacation.

1. When You Enter the Room, Even Your Cat Runs

If you find yourself impatient with sales clerks, talking back to the TV and second-guessing every move your significant other makes, it’s more than a bad mood. It’s time for a vacation. If dreaming of a sunny cruise to the Caribbean, The Bahamas, or Mexico lifts your spirits, just imagine what the real thing could do.

Whether you want to find serenity at the spa, lounge on deck with a cocktail, or take advantage of onboard activities like movies, dance classes, or cooking demonstrations, there are plenty of ways to find your happy place on cruise ships.

couple looking over the rail of a carnival cruise ship as they cruise the ocean

2. Coming in to Work a Little Late on a Friday Is Your Idea of Time Off

You know those people. Their work-life balance is all work and no life. They dream about spreadsheets or department meetings or marketing presentations. The more work they complete on the job, the more their boss dishes out. When asked what they do for fun, they simply can’t remember.

Oh wait, you’re one of ‘those people,’ and it’s time for sunshine, cruise ships, and tropical isles. In other words, you need a cruise vacation. Cruise to tropical ports of call and enjoy memory-making shore excursions like exploring local ruins and snorkeling coral reefs.

3. You’re on a First-Name Basis With Your Pizza Guy

Are you in your comfort zone or stuck in a rut? If the pizza guy just shows up every Thursday night with a large Canadian bacon and pineapple pie, chances are it’s the latter. If you find yourself living vicariously through your favorite TV characters, you might be stuck in a rut. To pry yourself free, nothing works like a cruise to a tropical destination.

friends having drinks at guys pig and anchor smokehouse brewhouse on carnival horizon

4. You’re Always the House Sitter, Never the Traveler

When you wonder whether you need a cruise vacation, consider this. You use your luggage for extra storage. You have no idea where to find your bikini or swimming trunks, and you spend your weekends binge-watching travel TV.

If you’re always house-sitting for traveling friends and family and drooling over photos of their trip, it’s a no brainer. Your time for a vacation is now. Cruise ships are calling.

5. Your Co-Workers Are Also Restless

Once upon a time, checking out a new spot for lunch with coworkers seemed enough to lift your spirits. Now, you all feel restless to unwind and disconnect – if only for a few days. If your work buddies are also feeling the blues, it might be one of the signs you need a vacation.

A Mexico getaway, cruise to The Bahamas, or Caribbean vacation will have everyone from your boss to the night janitor begging for details.

friends playing volleyball in the caribbean sea

6. You Haven’t Seen the End of Your To-Do List in Months

A growing to-do list means one of two things: Either you’re busier than ever, or you have zero energy for getting things done. Either situation should send a loud message reverberating through your tired brain. “IT’S TIME FOR A VACATION.”

Warm sunshine, swaying palms, azure-blue waters, and the taste of tall tropical cocktails should be the only things on your mind. Let one of our cruise ships make the dream a reality.

7. You Just Can’t Get Warm

Nothing puts a chill in the bones like winter weather. You’ve tried fluffy comforters, down-filled jackets, and slippers with faux fur in the lining. You wear extra layers outdoors, crank up your thermostat, and stock your pantry with boxes of cocoa mix, but somehow, you just can’t warm up.

Forget all the usual signs. You need a vacation for your poor, frozen body. Thankfully, in tropical places like the Caribbean Islands, you can strip down to your swimsuit and spend the day just soaking up sunshine.

friends drinking cocktails as the sun bathe on a cruise

8. Spaced Out? Heck, You’re Downright Confused

Too much work and not enough sleep equals brain fog. If you’re having trouble recalling your coworkers’ names, there might be cause for concern. If moments of staring blankly at your computer screen turn into hours, you could be in trouble, but you really need to worry if you find a bag of groceries in your car two days after you went to the store.

These aren’t just signs you need a cruise vacation, they are bright, flashing beacons. There are cruise ships just waiting for another passenger: you.

9. You Look Like an Extra on the Latest Vampire Series

It’s one thing to have a pale complexion, but when you look like you’ve just crawled out of your coffin thirsty for iron-rich blood, it’s time for a vacation. If you’re not absorbing enough rays, get a healthy, sun-kissed glow with a cruise.

To bump up the enjoyment factor, try a trip to the Caribbean, a voyage to Mexico’s white-sand Riviera, or a blissful beach vacay in The Bahamas. One trip will lead to two, three, and four, and eventually, your lily-white skin will be a distant memory.

friends walking on a caribbean beach

10. You’re Obsessed with All Things Tropical

There are certain indications that your passion for tropical locales has become an obsession, which could be a sign that you need a vacation. To fall asleep at night, you count Caribbean islands instead of sheep, and you put tiny umbrellas in your morning coffee.

You’ve changed the wallpaper on your smartphone from your pet to a sunny seascape, and you follow every tropical travel blog on the Internet. You know how to feed your fixation: cruise baby, cruise.

Whether you’re spaced out, overworked, or just need to step out of your comfort zone, few things cure your ills like a warm-weather getaway. From sunny Mexico to The Bahamas, a cruise vacation offers the perfect opportunity to relax, refresh, and come back raring to go.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.