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Taco Time: Pineapple Mango Chicken Tacos

Close up of pineapple mango chicken taco

In my mind, tacos are the perfect summer food. They’re easy to make, delicious, and (depending on how many you eat) light and refreshing too. I’ve been craving them more and more lately – especially after our cruise with Carnival Cruise Line. I think Jeff and I had tacos nearly every day on the ship.

So, since we’ve been back, I’ve been experimenting with more taco recipes at home and came up with one that feels the most like summer to me. And I’m sharing it today! 

The inspiration for this recipe came from one of Carnival Vista’s onboard food spots, BlueIguana Cantina. Jeff and I ate there nearly every day for lunch on the ship – really good tacos and burritos with fresh ingredients and you can make them however you want. So, when I got back, I started playing around with some of the combinations that we came up with on the ship and eventually landed on this recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own summer tacos…

Display of several pineapple mango chicken tacos

Ingredients (make 6 tacos)

•     6 small corn or flour tortillas (soft)
•     3 grilled chicken breasts (about 8-9 oz of chicken)*
•     1 cup of pineapple mango salsa
•     1 cup of shredded lettuce (can be salad mix or your fave greens)
•     3 tablespoons of a good avocado ranch dressing
•     1 ripe avocado
•     1 jalapeño
•     1 lime

*I usually add a little olive oil and salt and pepper to the chicken before grilling (about 7 minutes on the grill, then flip for another 6-7 minutes). But I also like the idea of marinating the chicken before grilling, in a teriyaki sauce or jerk seasoning. That does take a little longer though, so do whatever is easiest for you. More pool time, less kitchen time. It is summer, after all. 

Recipe for Pineapple Mango Chicken Tacos

This is a throw it all together kind of taco recipe. Start with a sprinkling of lettuce for each taco, then the grilled chicken (sliced), and a spoonful or two of pineapple mango salsa. Next, add sliced avocados to each taco, along with jalapeños (thinly sliced). Add fresh lime juice, then drizzle with avocado ranch and dig in. Serve open face or use food picks to get more of hardshell shape, as shown in the photos.

Optional: For an extra crunch, add tortilla strips to each taco.

Pineapple mango chicken tacos with toothpicks holding them closed

If you’re in the mood for a little more than a tropical taco recipe, head over to to check out cruise destinations near you and plan your next trip. And if you end up booking, be sure to also check out Cloud 9 Spa. I wanted to be sure to mention this somewhere because it was one of my favorite things about the cruise… I literally went THREE times in eight days and every treatment I tried was amazing (the hot stone massage was my absolute fave though). So relaxing!

Close up of pineapple mango chicken taco with a few limes in the background

Overhead image of 6 pineapple mango chicken tacos with toothpicks holding them together

Overhead image of pineapple mango chicken tacos with limes on a table

Think you’ll give this taco recipe a try? What kinds of recipes give you tropical vibes for summer?

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.