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7 Simple Ways To Splurge While On Vacation

 What do you splurge on?

Going on a trip is a treat in itself. But while you’re at it, you might as well treat yourself a little more—especially if it’s your first trip in a while.

Wherever you’re headed, we’ve got a few ideas for things to splurge on, as well as some of the best places to do it. Remember, vacation is the time to live it up!

African American woman getting a massage at a spa
Why not treat yourself to a little spa session?

Spa Day:

There’s a reason “spa day” comes to mind when we think about treating ourselves—it feels great to truly relax! Whether you’re booking a massage in a tent near the beach somewhere, or getting a facial or other treatment at your ship’s spa, kicking off your vacay with a spa day is a great way to leave stress behind.   

Italian glass being blown
A handmade craft makes a perfect souvenir.

Souvenir Splurge: You should always get something to remember your trip when you’re back home, and the options to splurge are endless. Maybe it’s an extra nice bottle of rum from Jamaica or Barbados, or artwork or handcrafts from indigenous people in Hawaii.

And there are plenty of unique souvenirs to take home from Europe, from leather goods from Spain to the world-renowned blown glass of Italy.


A sailboat cruise at sunset
A sunset sailing trip is a splurge worthy excursion.

A Special Experience: There will be plenty of activities to treat yourself to while traveling, so pick one or two and go big! Maybe that means a sunset sailing in Santorini, or a private wine tasting at a vineyard in Australia.

If you’re more of an adventure junkie though, maybe you’d prefer zip lining through a jungle in Costa Rica or scuba diving at the second largest barrier reef in Belize, or mushing a dogsled in Alaska

A grilled seafood platter with lobster, prawns, and squid
If you’re traveling to an island, a seafood dinner is a perfect memorable meal.

Memorable Meals: Clearly you’ll be eating out on vacation—it’s one of the best parts! But it can really be worth it to decide on a certain night when you’ll go all out.

Call ahead, even before you leave home, if you have a special restaurant in mind at your destination. Maybe it’s a seafood specialty in the Bahamas or a popular pasta dish near Pisa. But remember, there can be special dining options on board if you’re setting sail. Don’t forget dessert!  

Dressing The Part: Treating yourself to a vacation outfit is an easy one—you can do it before you leave or during your trip too! Getting yourself a new bathing suit, dinner attire, jewelry, or even just sunglasses can help get you excited about your trip. 

Forgot to bring something? Pick it up while traveling and call it a gift to yourself.

Smiling women doing yoga in a studio
Even a workout can be a way to splurge!

Work It Out: For some of us, a great workout may be what lets us relax. If so, consider treating yourself to a little something extra like a personal training session or a spin or yoga class. Then again, you can make your workout part of the fun in your destination too. How about a hike up the Pitons in St. Lucia?

Take Your Time: Literally. Your vacation time means whatever you want to do, so spend it how you want! Sleep in late. Take a nap in a hammock. Linger after dinner for a leisurely cup of coffee.

Most of all, don’t think about work! Put your phone on airplane mode if you need to (so you can still take pictures with it).