A Day in Nassau

During our recent three-day cruise aboard the Carnival Victory, we had one amazing stop on the island of Nassau, in the Bahamas. One thing we loved about this port was the fact that our ship was docked there ALL NIGHT. Meaning, we could have partied in town all night! (We didn’t – but we could have!) Being there for as long as we were gave us the freedom to roam around the island at our leisure, not worried or stressed about getting back to the ship in time for departure.

Nassau is known for its iconic resorts and waterparks, so obviously we had to check those out. šŸ˜‰ We booked our excursion through Carnival, and they made the whole process so quick and easy. Within 20 minutes, we were off the ship and on the bus heading for the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island! We had a blast.

The couple in front of the aquarium

A school of fish at the aquarium

A happy couple at the aquarium striking a funny pose

We enjoyed their aquarium and waterpark, where Bobby was like a little child. He kept asking, “Can I go on one more?” Ha! It was hard to leave the waterpark, but the beach was calling our name. Pristine blue waters and beautiful white sandā€¦ we are realizing that one day on Paradise Island is not enough time here. That just means we have to come back!

a man soaking in shallow water on the beach

Footprints leading to a woman on the beach pointing to the camera

A medium shot of a couple on the beach at Nassau

Whatever port we are at, we always save time to explore the town. We like to experience the culture, meet new friends, do some shopping and try out the “local cuisine”.

We spent the better part of our afternoon roaming the colorful streets of Nassau and snapping photos in front of the many pink buildings. Did you know that theĀ governmentĀ buildings in Nassau are all painted pink? They are colonial-style buildings in a beautiful shade of pink, after their state bird, the flamingo. All of the buildings are so bright and colorful – even the police station was painted a bright sea green.

A narrow shopping center with conch shells

We peeked into a couple of the most magical looking restaurants in town, and got directions from a local policeman (who looked extra spiffy in his uniform)!Ā He kindly directed us to the Straw Market, a traditional open-air market, where local vendors sell everything from handwoven crafts and carvings to colorful t-shirts and bags. It was quite the sight, and definitely the place to go if you want to barter.

Bags and candles at a vendor clustered together in Nassau

Don’t miss this spot when you’re in Nassau, it’s a local experience you won’t forget. While we didn’t end up purchasing anything, we were definitely tempted!

After the Straw Market, we found a spot to cool down and have a drink before heading back to the Carnival Victory. As much as we love exploring every port, there’s always an excitement at the end of the day to come back to our ship. It truly does become our “home away from home”. We’re sure that those of you who have cruised before know the feeling!

Nassau is a beautiful port with locals as vibrant as their colorful buildings and bright blue sea. Thank you Carnival for putting together such a magical excursion! We can’t wait to return and explore more of the island!

A couple on the beach wearing sunglasses

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