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39 Souvenirs to Take Home from the Caribbean

You’ll never forget your Caribbean vacation, but by selecting souvenirs from these remarkable ports of call, those happy memories will never be far from your mind. Great mementos don’t have to be expensive or fancy. They can be any items that catch your eye, make you smile and fit into your suitcase. Here are some treasures to consider bringing back home that will remind you of your Caribbean getaway:

1. Hammocks from Cozumel

Handmade cotton hammocks from Cozumel will remind you of your time on the beach at this tropical Yucatan destination.

man sleeping on a hammock in cozumel

2. Stamps from the Cayman Islands

Find pocket-friendly, colorful stamps that feature local Grand Cayman scenery, wildlife and culture.

3. Fanner grass straw hats from Grand Turk

On Grand Turk, look for straw hats made from fanner grass to shade you from the Caribbean sun.

4. Pearls from Princess Cays

Sea-themed jewelry made with precious pearls will commemorate your time in Princess Cays.

5. Hot sauce from Nassau

Bring home the spicy flavors of the Bahamas in a bottle of hot sauce from Nassau.

6. Wooden bowls from Mahogany Bay

Decorate your space with beautiful wooden bowls from Mahogany Bay.

7. Floral T-shirt from Half Moon Cay

The iconic floral T-shirt is a great way to remember that you visited Half Moon Cay. Choose scenes from sunsets with palm trees to hibiscus flowers.

8. Jams from Freeport

As a sweet reminder of your time at Freeport, bring home jams and jellies in tropical flavors like pineapple and guava.

a couple browsing through a market in freeport

9. Belizean Baskets

Buy a handwoven basket from a local market in Belize. Its intricate patterns are a touch of Mayan culture.

10. Amber gemstones from Amber Cove

What better souvenir to remember your visit to Amber Cove than a genuine amber gemstone?

11. Silver from Progreso

Mexican silver is renowned worldwide, so be sure to purchase jewelry or other silver crafts when you visit Progreso.

12. Key West coasters

Key West embraces kitsch as much as it does tropical drinks, so bring home a seashell coaster to sit under your favorite cocktail at home. You’ll imagine you’re still relaxing in the sea breeze of the Keys.

13. St. Thomas seashells

Collect your own seashells on the beaches of St. Thomas as a fun way to remember the crashing waves and soft white sand.

14. Dominoes from Montego Bay

Dominoes is a favorite past time in Jamaica, so while wandering the markets of Montego Bay, look out for a set to take home. Perhaps one emblazoned with the Jamaican flag?

15. Coffee from Ocho Rios

Stock up on fragrant and delicious Jamaican coffee from the Blue Mountains and your mornings at home will remind you of the beauty of Ocho Rios.

16. Bird feeder from St. Lucia

Markets in St. Lucia sell charming bird feeders crafted from coconut shells.

17. Beach towels from Barbados

Take your memories from lying on the beach in Barbados with you anywhere with a set of fun, Caribbean-themed beach towels.

beach towels in barbados

18. Postcards from Curacao

Mail your friend (or yourself) a reminder of the beauty of Curacao with a color postcard that shows off the island’s pastel-colored homes.

19. San Juan rum

Return from San Juan with a bottle or two of rum from the spirit’s island home.

20. Linen from Cartagena

White linen clothing is a Colombian signature, so take inspiration from the locals in Cartagena by donning a cool, classic linen shirt called a Guayabera.

21. Ceramics from Costa Maya

Check out the handmade ceramics at an artisan market in Costa Maya and pick out a pretty platter or bowl.

22. Dolls from La Romana

You’ll see the symbolic Munecas Lime (“faceless dolls”) ornaments in gift stores throughout the Dominican Republic.

23. Rum cake from Falmouth

Enjoy this sweet Jamaican dessert which will remind you of your time in Falmouth with every bite.

24. Wood carvings from Antigua

Local Antiguan artisans carve charming treasures from Caribbean mahogany and eucalyptus woods.

25. Guavaberry liquor from St. Maarten

Give your cocktails a sweet, Caribbean twist with a touch of this unusual local tipple from St. Maarten.

a Caribbean sign pointing to different destinations

26. Bath salts from Bonaire

Stock up on luxurious bath salts and scrubs sourced from Bonaire’s own salt pans.

27. Pink sand from Bermuda

An ornamental jar of the island’s natural pink sand will forever remind you of your time in Bermuda.

pink sand from bermuda

28. Artwork from Grenada

Next time you’re looking for goods in Grenada, opt for some local artwork that easily packs in your luggage.

29. Woven straw hat from Dominica

A woven straw hat from Dominica will shade you from the sun in the Caribbean and at home.

30. Spices from Martinique

Hit the fragrant spice section of Martinique’s covered market. Be sure to select the island’s signature “Colombo” curry powder.

31. Batiks from St. Kitts

Brightly dyed fabrics and clothing remind you of the colors of St. Kitts.

32. Vanilla from Santo Domingo

Dominican vanilla is famous among food lovers, so stock up while you’re in Santo Domingo.

33. Bracelets from St. Croix

Bracelets inspired by fishing hooks are a stylish souvenir from St. Croix.

34. Molas from Colon

While in Colon, find these unique textiles crafted by the Guna people of the San Blas Islands. They make wonderful wall hangings.

35. Miniature steel pan drum from Scarborough

Hear the sounds of Trinidad and Tobago whenever you play with your own steel pan drum.

36. Wooden boxes from Limon

With clever hidden compartments, carved wooden boxes from Limon are an intriguing souvenir.

37. Aloe from Aruba

The island of Aruba is home to the oldest aloe company in the world. Its soothing skin products make a great gift.

a beautiful beach in aruba

38. Original painting from Santa Maria

A small original painting from a local Santa Maria artist is a unique souvenir. Just remember to ask the artist for a stamp and a receipt, to avoid problems with the customs.

39. Cigars from Tortola

Give cigars from Tortola as a gift or save them for a special occasion.

With craft markets, souvenir shops and artisan boutiques aplenty, you’ll be eager to shop for souvenirs at every Caribbean port of call. Whether you love to shop or not, finding a perfect keepsake couldn’t be more fun.