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A Beautiful Day In Princess Cays

daughter sitting on floor of boat

ocean water at the back of the boat

I feel like a broken record lately when I talk about how much I love and miss the warm sunshine, but I can’t help it. The sun and salt, sand and air are a magical thing. Just a few days after moving back to the states (and a day before leaving our home to take off on this nomadic journey), we had the wonderful opportunity of taking off to the Caribbean with Carnival®. We’re no strangers to the Caribbean over here. We feel at home in many of the amazing islands down there.

This, however, was our very first time at Princess Cays! Princess Cays is a Carnival Corporation owned island/port tucked away in the islands of the Bahamas… and oh man what a dream. Being that it’s a private island, we really didn’t know what to expect at all. We went onto the island with full bellies and an open mind. Well, we were more than happy with what we found.

beach chairs lining the beach

While there are rows and rows of beach chairs for you to use at your convenience, at any time you wish, we were ready to explore. And let’s be honest, relaxing on a beach chair all day is AMAZING, but better reserved for adult only trips 😉 And so we said hi and by to the endless rows of relaxing chairs and took off to adventure.

daughter at the top of a blue slide

Drea holding a small crab

Found a playground area. Equipped with a kiddo pool and a sinking crab. I rescued him, naturally.

daughter walking in bathing suit by colorful bungalows

The cutest bungalows in all the land. I love how her bum matches this photo.

colorful pool noodles

dad and daughter walking towards beach

And the noodles too of course.

Drea and daughter hugging in front yellow bungalow

My favorite little bungalow for sure. With my favorite little love. And a tiny bump. Which I do miss. But I’m okay and grateful for these moments and memories regardless.

Drea walking by pool in patterned dress

three blue beach chairs in front of green bungalow

pile of oranges, bananas, and grapes

An endless fruit bar. We grabbed a few handful of oranges and apples on our journey.

Drea looking towards beach in patterned dress

A lookout point to tour from above. Water on both sides. So magical.

ine of colorful bungalows

dad and daughter in front of pink bungalow

turquoise bungalow and beach

daughter walking on rocky beach

Off the beaten path.

colorful bungalows peeking out from greenery

daughter looking at something on beach

dad and daughter walking on beach

Past the beach chairs, lunch buffet and bungalows came the fun part – what seemed like miles and miles of mostly secluded beach. But it wasn’t empty and boring. There were so many tiny treasures to discover. Marlowe found coral, hermit crabs, sea slugs, tropical fish galore, and so much more. We walked far past that bend up there in the photo. We could only see one group of people just past us, the others all left behind enjoying their relaxing beach chairs and their adventure water sports. And we were in nature heaven.

daughter holding small shell

Drea holding a tiny shell

daughter walking on rocky beach near small rock structure

Drea, husband, and daughter standing together in front of beach

We spent the day here. Enjoying the perfect (PERFECT) weather, the warm sunshine, light breeze and nature. And when our bellies were hungry again, we worked our way back through the path to the lunch area. We filled up on pineapple and veggie fried rice and then made our way back to the ship to unwind from a near perfect day. This post is sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines. Thank you Carnival for letting us explore the magical island of Princess Cays, we loved it.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.