Top 7 Things to Do in St. Maarten

When your Caribbean cruise arrives in picturesque St. Maarten, your biggest concern will be deciding on what activity to do. You’ll have a bevy of possible activities to enjoy when you visit this tropical paradise. Whether you want to relax on a white sandy beach, hop into the sparkling water to cool off, or go on an unforgettable adventure on land, there’s an excursion just right for you. If you’re a first-time visitor to St. Maarten, check out this list of activities as you plan your cruise vacation.

Underwater Adventures

1. Scuba Dive

From natural reefs to shipwrecks, St. Maarten delivers plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. Experienced scuba divers can enjoy hour-long dives in St. Maarten’s sparkling waters that are rich with marine life. Whether you are swimming alongside a rainbow fish or exploring a shipwreck, an hour-long scuba dive will promise plenty of surprises.

 man waves as he scuba dives over a ship wreck in st maarten

2. Snorkel

Snorkeling opportunities are aplenty as well. Hop onboard a catamaran to a fantastic snorkeling spot off the coast of the island. You will encounter crystal clear waters as you explore a sunken submarine, shipwrecks and plenty of Caribbean Sea life.

woman laughs as she sits on a boat, getting ready to snorkel in st maarten

3. Snuba

If you aren’t quite ready to scuba, try snuba instead. This underwater adventure allows you to breathe underwater without the scuba equipment. During your snuba experience, you’ll get up close and personal with plenty of marine life, including lobsters, stingrays, parrotfish and coral.

 man snuba dives in the ocean off the coast of st maarten

Boating Opportunities

4. Boat Tours

St. Maarten’s water is certainly inviting thanks to its aqua hue. Debark your cruise ship and explore the island by boat. These guided tour boats have comfortable seating, and some even have open bars. Or, if you prefer to explore on your own, you can rent a watercraft for a more personal adventure.

couple takes a photo of st maarten coastline during a boat tour as another boat passes by

Beach Fun

5. Plane Viewing

If you love aviation and want to soak up the sun, enjoy an unforgettable experience at St. Maarten’s Maho Beach. This beach sits adjacent to the Princess Julianna International Airport, which means planes take off and land just over the heads of sunbathing beachgoers. Watch low-altitude landings and powerful takeoffs from your lounge chair for a day at the beach like never before.

 beach goers in Maho Beach stand by and watch a commercial airplane fly over them as the plane  prepares to land

Island Exploration

6. ATV or Bike Tour

Whether you want to off-road it on an ATV through the countryside or explore the heart of St. Maarten, you can find an excursion just for you. For adventure seekers, a guided ATV tour takes you across rough terrain and into the countryside before delivering you to a pristine beach.

Or, you can check out St. Maarten’s capital, Phillipsburg, on bike. During this tour, you can see historic buildings, including the courthouse, built in 1793. Get some exercise and view beautiful Phillipsburg. Brush up on your St. Maarten history on this bike tour, which is suitable for ages 13 and up.

three woman take a break from bike riding and admire st maarten coast with a carnival cruise ship docks in the background

7. Horseback Tour

You can also explore St. Maarten’s most scenic spots on horseback during your cruise vacation. You’ll start on a rocky coastal trail and then weave into a protected nature area. Expansive vistas will allow you to see neighboring islands like St. Barths. At the end of your journey, you and your horse will walk right into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea to cool off.

 woman rides on horseback along st maarten coast

St. Maarten is a must-visit cruise destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, crystal waters and countless activities for kids and adults. A Carnival cruise to St. Maarten allows you to disembark and explore, whether you want to relax on the beach or enjoy a little adventure on land or at sea.