Top 10 Things to Do in Grand Cayman

If you ever have the chance to travel to Grand Cayman on a Caribbean cruise, you’ll be treated to a unique metropolis exhibiting old-world charm and pristine beaches with trendy dining and great nightlife. Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, offering a large assortment of activities, sights and adventure that will add many great memories to your cruise adventure.

Consider trying some of the activities listed below including touring popular parts of the island to truly experience the exceptional wonder and beauty of Grand Cayman.

Exploring the Waters Around Grand Cayman

The ocean waters surrounding Grand Cayman are home to wonderful and exciting displays of marine life, including stingrays, sea turtles and a colorful array of fish. Additionally, journeying along the water’s edge offers you the chance to take in the beautiful scenery of the tropical shoreline.

1. Interact With Stingrays in Their Own Environment

Visiting Grand Cayman’s famous Stingray City Sandbar to interact with the stingrays is a perfect activity for your family cruise. A short boat ride takes you to this remarkable location, where you can lounge in the clear, shallow waters as friendly stingrays glide gracefully by.

stingrays swimming in stingray city sandbar grand cayman

2. Explore the Deep

For a truly unique underwater experience, you’ll want to enjoy a sea trek using specially designed helmets that allow you to breathe comfortably as you walk along the ocean floor. There, you’ll be guided to beautiful coral formations, where you can observe the underwater marine life in its entire splendor.

people wearing sea trek helmets, looking at coral reef in grand cayman

3. Take a Submarine Tour

Onboard a unique passenger submarine, you’ll be treated to a glorious host of marine life and underwater excitement, including spectacular coral reefs, haunting shipwrecks and more.


semi-submarine exploring coral reefs in grand cayman

4. Go Kayaking and Snorkeling

When you paddle your kayak across calm, serene waters, you’ll see plenty of Grand Cayman’s elegant scenery, including the magnificent mangroves, home to a wide range of wildlife. Also, snorkeling through the crystal clear waters will let you observe a wide range of marine life, including stingrays at Grand Cayman’s famous stingray attraction.

woman kayaking through the mangrove forest in grand cayman

Touring the Island of Grand Cayman

From the picturesque cityscape of Georgetown to the beautiful beaches, pirate caves, famous gardens and orchards, there’s plenty to see in Grand Cayman.

5. Take a Land & Sea Tour

What better way to truly experience all the tourist sights than to take a land and sea tour aboard a Hydra-Terra Amphibious Bus! This specially designed bus takes you across Grand Cayman so you can see some of the most popular sights and attractions. Then cruise through the surrounding waters where undersea cameras enable you to view shipwrecks, marine life and coral gardens.

hydra-terra amphibious bus sailing the ocean in grand cayman

6. Take a Segway Tour

One of the best ways to tour Grand Cayman is on a Segway. This easy-to-use mobility device lets you explore the many locations on the island, including the famous Seven-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman’s beautiful bay and other nearby sights.

group of people on segways, exploring grand cayman

7. Send a Postcard From Hell

A unique area featuring natural limestone formations are what gives “Hell” its name, and now you tell everyone you’ve been to Hell and back. Engage with the tradition and send your friends and loved ones a postcard from the Hell Post Office! This small stop is a famous landmark on Grand Cayman and great for everyone to enjoy during your cruise vacation.

For Adventure Seekers

Looking for a little adventure and excitement when you travel to Grand Cayman? There’s plenty to be found on the island. Try one of these activities to get an adrenaline fix!

8. Drive Your Own Jeep Across Grand Cayman

Take a ride off the beaten path on your own 4X4 Jeep! Explore the famous Barkers National Park and other must-see locations, where you can view blue iguanas and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The famous Rum Cake Outlet and the Hell Post Office provide ample photo opportunities and great memories.

multiple 4x4 jeeps parked along the street in grand cayman

9. Explore Hidden Caves

Grand Cayman is home to a network of caves that once served as hideouts for pirates. As you explore the caves, you’ll see beautiful stone and crystal formations, as well as cave-dwelling wildlife such as bats and iguanas.

woman standing in the middle of crystal cave in grand cayman

For Beach Lovers

If you love the beach, then you’re in for a treat. Grand Cayman is home to some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, including the famous Seven-Mile Beach.

10. Visit a Luxurious Mansion on a Sandy Beach

A Gatsby-inspired mansion rests along the edge of a beautiful beach, providing you with a glimpse of luxury, followed by a range of fun, relaxation, and activities to suit every member of your party. From getting some sun therapy as you lounge on the beach to enjoying tropical libations at the beach bars and cafes, nothing can be more relaxing. Enjoy local rum and beer, stick your toes in the sand, or take a swim in the crystalline waters. It’s beach therapy at its finest.

great gatsby inspired mansion at the edge of the beach in grand cayman

In addition to the activities mentioned above, Grand Cayman is also home to great shopping and dining. When you cruise to Grand Cayman, you’ll definitely want to take a bit of time to walk among the shops and streets of Georgetown, purchase a souvenir and enjoy some local Caribbean food. Georgetown also features a number of beautiful statues and sculptures, historical sites and museums. Visiting this island is sure to be one of the highlights of your cruise vacation.