Top 7 Things to Do in Limon

The province of Limon, which stretches about 125 miles along the Caribbean coast between Nicaragua and Panama, is one of Costa Rica’s most lush and pristine areas. It is a geographically diverse region that covers mangrove wetlands, rain forests and mountains.

Limon is less traveled than the rest of Costa Rica, and maintains its local culture along with its unmatched beauty. On your Caribbean cruise to Limon, take advantage of the natural offerings of this rainforest region and experience new and fascinating adventures with this list of top 7 things to do in Limon.

1. Experience the Rainforest

The Veragua Rainforest, located in the hills overlooking Puerto Limon, connects with Central America’s largest protected rainforest, La Amistad International Park. There are such a variety of things to see and do in the Veragua Rainforest Research and Adventure Park that Carnival offers a number of excursions of varying lengths and activity levels, so there’s something to suit everyone on your family cruise.

people onboard aerial tram, taking pictures of veragua rainforest

Glide through the picturesque rainforest treetops on an aerial tram, view rainforest creatures like reptiles, frogs and butterflies in replicated habitats and visit world-class educational exhibits at the Foundation for Rainforest Research station; these activities are included in each excursion. Also, you can choose to hike the “Trail of the Giants” or visit the 60-foot cascading Puma waterfall.

2. Try Zip Lining

One of the truly unique features of the rainforest is its canopy, where most of the wildlife live, and what better way to explore it than on a zip line? Soar through the treetops of the Veragua Rainforest from platform to platform while keeping an eye out for monkeys and toucans.

man zip lining through the veragua rainforest

3. Go White Water Rafting

Get your heart pumping while rafting down the Reventazon River’s powerful rapids, interspersed with long calm stretches and quiet pools. This rafting course takes you through the rainforest, where you are immersed in a landscape of stunning scenery and exotic wildlife. For those who want to expend even more energy, combine rafting with mountain biking, which is a great way to view the pineapple fields and ride along freshwater creeks on the rainforest floor.

people white water rafting the powerful rapids of reventazon river

4. Explore Nature

Costa Rica is world-renowned for the preservation of its natural habitat. Visit a local nature preserve to get close to some of the most interesting flora and fauna on Earth.

Visit the Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary to see how one Costa Rican family is making a difference at this nonprofit sloth sanctuary and research center. You get an up-close look at these fascinating creatures and even meet some of the baby sloths. Included in this tour is a canoe ride on the Estrella River through the bayous of the river delta, where you might glimpse sloths or howler monkeys in the wild.

sloth climbing tree in aviaries del caribe sloth sanctuary

Another excursion takes you to the Bocuare Reserve in the Star Valley of Limon. Here, you hike in the jungle, led by a guide who can answer your questions about the unusual plants and animals. Then, take a dip in a crystal-clear rainforest pool and visit the small village of Bocuare to enjoy a typical Costa Rican lunch.

5. Visit Plantations

See where your bananas, chocolates, pineapples and sugar come from when you visit the local Costa Rican plantations. Choose a combo site-seeing/plantation excursion or spend your entire time exploring various plantations. Banana lovers will enjoy seeing how bananas are selected, cleaned and packed for export, while chocolate fans can see how the cacao bean is harvested, cooked and prepared to make chocolate — and bonus — test freshly made samples.

rows of bananas hanging in a banana plantation in limon

6. Delve Into Puerto Limon

Puerto Limon is the cultural hub of the province of Limon. The area is popular for its slower pace and largely untouched landscape. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the daily life and culture of this part of Costa Rica.

 people sailing the tortuguero canals, exploring the jungle of limon

You can take a trip that combines three modes of transportation — bus, train and boat — into one special day of discovery through the countryside and at the waterways of the Tortuguero Canals, which are ideal for jungle exploration. Or choose to enjoy the same landscape, but with a forest walk and tour of the city and its unique architecture added in.

7. Relax on the Beach

What’s more natural when visiting the Caribbean than enjoying the beautiful ocean and beaches? Take the opportunity to travel outside of Limon to the town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and its nearby beach, Playa Cocles. Spend time on the sand and in the surf or wander the trails that hug the beach, keeping a lookout for monkeys, sloths and tropical birds. Then, explore Puerto Viejo and its markets, which offer many hand-made crafts constructed by local artisans.

playa cocles near the town of puerto viejo de talamanca

When you cruise to Limon, use your time ashore to explore one of the world’s natural beauty. With the depth and breadth of unique areas to visit and things to do, Limon is an excellent choice for your family cruise vacation. Your experiences are sure to generate memories to last a lifetime.