Top 7 Things to Do in Grenada

Grenada, one of the southernmost Caribbean islands, has a lot to offer visitors. Known as the spice island for its abundant amount of wild nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove, turmeric and more, this incredible vacation destination still has an untouched feel to it. This can also make travel to Grenada a bit challenging, which is why a cruise vacation is the best way to see this out-of-the-way island. Here is our pick for the top 10 things you won’t want to miss on your cruise to Grenada.

1. Chill on the Beach

There’s nothing better to do on a Caribbean island than take in the natural beauty from a comfortable beach chair, and Grenada has tons of beautiful beaches. The most awe-inspiring one on the island is Grand Anse, which has a two mile stretch of white sand beach and sheltered turquoise waters ideal for swimming. It also offers up some of the most spectacular views around. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, right? For something a little more secluded, you can also visit the Morne Rouge beach along the western side of the island. This beach also has some great snorkeling opportunities. Check out our Tropical Beach Tour shore excursion, which allows you to see some of the island and also get your beach bum on.

woman floating in the ocean along the Grenada beach

2. Get a Taste of History

St. George, the harbor town of Grenada, is known for its brightly painted homes and narrow, winding streets. There is great shopping in this area and many wonderful restaurants where you can get a taste of the local cuisine. You can also explore some of the old forts on Grenada, Fort George and Fort Frederick, which offer great panoramic views of the island, and where you can find some information of the history of colonialism. Our Creole Bus Sensation is the perfect excursion to allow you to experience all of these things while you accompany a knowledgeable guide who will give you more background information on the island. A perfect excursion during your family cruise.

brightly colored homes in the harbor town of St George, Grenada

3. Sample the Local Flavors

This lush tropical island is filled with many rich and flavorful food items that will delight your senses. From sampling the local cuisine to trying out some of the delicacies on offer, you won’t be disappointed by the array of tastes available. Grenada is also known for its production of rum. Pina colada, anyone? We have many excursions that will allow you to take in all of these wonderful flavors. From a tour of a spice factory (where you can purchase spices to bring home), to a cocoa plant, to a rum distillery, you will have the opportunity to explore all this and more right on this incredible island!

tourist exploring the Carlton Cocoa Station in Grenada

4. Explore the Rainforest

The Grand Etang National Park is truly a highlight when visiting Grenada. From the impressive views to the exciting varieties of animals that you can see (monkeys, armadillos and birds, oh my!), it is definitely worth a visit. The centerpiece of the park is Grand Etang Lake, which is a spectacular lake within an extinct volcano! Since the rainforest is perched atop mountain peaks, there are plenty of waterfalls around, one of the most breathtaking being Annandale Falls. These are all easily accessible and offer up beautiful pools at their feet, which you can dive into to cool off. You can see all of this and more on our excursions into the Grand Etang!

tourist looking at Annandale Falls in the Grand Etang National Park

5. Go on a Watery Adventure!

The Balthazar River runs right through the Grand Etang forest, and is surrounded by some incredible scenery. If you’re looking for something a little different to do on your trip to Grenada, we offer a fantastic tubing adventure down the Balthazar River! You’ll get to see all the beauty the rainforest has to offer while having a blast cruising in your tube. It’s a perfect way to stay cool and have fun in the natural beauty of Grenada.

woman river tubbing down the Balthazar River

6. Dive Underwater for Some Snorkeling

The Caribbean is known for its incredible coral reefs, which are home to some of the world’s most diverse and beautiful sea creatures in the world. While there’s plenty to see above the water, you don’t want to miss what lives underneath it either! We offer two ways to get some snorkeling in while visiting Grenada. You can either travel in the lap of luxury on our champagne and lobster cruise or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can pilot your own boat to St. George’s lagoon for some top-notch snorkeling.

two women driving boat to St. George’s lagoon in Grenada

7. Take in the Scenery on a Sailing Trip

Our catamaran sailing trip is the perfect way to get some awesome pics of this perfectly scenic island. It’s a wonderful day trip that allows you to get a little more acquainted with the island, while experiencing the thrill of directing your own sailing adventure. We end the day at BBC beach where you can chill out on the sand or go for a dip!

tourists sailing on a catamaran enjoying the scenic view of Grenada

Grenada is a one-of-a-kind island that is sure to delight your senses in every way. It is a truly special experience and one that you won’t want to miss on your Caribbean cruise.