Top 7 Things to Do in St. Thomas

When you catch your first glimpse of St. Thomas from the decks of a cruise ship, you’ll join a legacy of seafarers dating back to Christopher Columbus’s visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1493. You’ll be struck by the same natural features that greeted the voyagers of yesteryear: the gently rising slopes of Crown Mountain and Magen’s Bay’s sparkling turquoise waters. Today’s tourists who travel to St. Thomas during a Caribbean cruise enjoy so much more, from leisurely island tours to underwater adventures. Check out our list of the 7 best things you can do during your trip.

Unforgettable Fun for Families

1. Kayak, Hike and Snorkel

Whether you prefer to kayak, hike or snorkel, a trip to Mangrove Wildlife Refuge and Marine Sanctuary will be sure to please everyone. You’ll explore an uninhabited island by land and sea, spotting iguanas on your hike and stingrays while you snorkel. Suitable for ages 4 and up, two-person kayaks mean parents can help little ones. And don’t worry, the hike is easy enough for all ages.

mother and son kayaking in st thomas’ mangrove wildlife refuge & marine sanctuary

High-Adrenaline Adventures for Thrill Seekers

2. Parasail Adventure

Take to the air with a parasail adventure! Soar 400 feet over the Caribbean Sea while tethered to a custom parasail boat operated by a certified crew. If the weather is favorable, plunge into the water to cool off before you get back on the island to experience the other adventures St. Thomas has to offer.

two women taking a selfie while parasailing off the coast of st thomas

3. Flyboarding Adventure

You might have taken a cruise to St. Thomas but when you arrive, you can fly over this island as well! A flyboarding experience is the latest in thrill rides and the closest you’ll come to your own personal rocket launch. With a water-shooting jetpack, soar over the waves at high speeds or shoot yourself out of the water like a cork out of a bottle. The excursion also includes a visit to Emerald Beach, where you can slowly let your pulse rate return to normal.

man shooting out of the water on a flyboard in st thomas

Leisurely Pursuits for Relaxation

4. Catamaran Sailing

Sail on a catamaran with the wind in your hair, the sun on your shoulders and the spectacular scenery of St. John to admire throughout your voyage. See the southern side of the island on your way to a special snorkeling spot where you can float over calm, fish-filled waters or stay on the beach and sink your toes into the sand. On board, you’ll enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres with cool drinks from the open bar and toast to your delightful day in St. Thomas with a glass or two of champagne.

a catamaran sailing off the coast of st thomas

5. Magen’s Bay Beach

Indulge your inner beach bum with a getaway to Magen’s Bay Beach, which has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Before claiming a spot on the fine white sands, take in unmatched views of the beach from above during a scenic drive to the landmark, Drake’s Seat.

people enjoying the beautiful beach megen’s bay in st thomas

Intriguing Tours for History Buffs

6. St. John National Park

The neighboring island of St. John has a rich and interesting history that you’ll discover on a tour of St. John National Park. A 45-minute boat ride takes you to the island, where you will explore the stone ruins of an 18th-century sugar plantation, now overgrown by tropical vegetation, and hear stories of the island’s tumultuous plantation era. Other sights include the photogenic Trunk Bay and Bordeaux Mountain.

boats and houses on the shore of st john, the bahamas

Island Treasures for Nature Lovers

7. Mountain Views and Nature Hike

Mountain views across the Caribbean and nearby islands are a major highlight of the natural side of St. Thomas. Take advantage of a nature hike along the winding trails of a former sugar plantation high in the rainforest, where you’ll be surrounded by tropical palms, fruit trees, orchids and fragrant flowering plants.

mountain view of st thomas and its neighboring islands

Cruise to the Virgin Islands, and you’ll soon see why St. Thomas is such a coveted Caribbean destination. Whether you prefer energetic pursuits or love to relax, the island’s beauty and bounteous hospitality are sure to leave you enchanted.