Top 7 Things to Do in San Juan

San Juan is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the Caribbean; known for its diverse architecture featuring a clear Spanish influence with plenty of bright and vivid colors. The city, which is the capital of Puerto Rico, has been a popular tourist destination for decades and is home to wonderful hotels, museums, historical attractions, beaches, shops and more. If you’re planning a cruise to San Juan with Carnival, there are plenty of activities that you can fit into your trip to ensure you make the most of your vacation! San Juan is a lot more than just beaches, after all.

Adventure Activities

When you travel to San Juan, it’s good to go with a sense of adventure! There is plenty of exploring to do and the island will surprise you with all it has to offer. Check out some of these adventures during your cruise to Puerto Rico.

1. ATV Adventure

Hop on an ATV and have the ride of a lifetime exploring San Juan! This ATV tour starts with a bus ride to an estate where you will meet your guides and get a quick demo on how to safely ride an ATV. When you’re done, follow your guide on an exciting ride through the gorgeous countryside that used to be a sugarcane plantation. Make sure to grab a photo as you drive past Mi Casa, a beautiful plantation house with Spanish architecture. Then rest up before going up to a lovely hilltop mojito bar to indulge in a delicious and refreshing tropical drink!

people riding red atv through dirt roads in san juan

2. Xtreme Zip Lining

This awesome zip line tour begins in Old San Juan and takes guests through different municipalities on the way to Orocovis. Once there, you’ll get to zipline in Toro Verde Adventure Park which includes 8 different zip lines to choice from as well as their most famous zip line, The Beast, which is 4,745 feet long! It’s the second highest and the longest zip line in the world. The park is located on the highest peaks of the central mountain range in Puerto Rico.

woman zip lining on the longest zip line in the world in toro verde adventure park


San Juan has plenty of attractions worth visiting, too! Check out some of these great spots.

3. History and Culture

When you’re traveling, it’s always smart to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of a new place. Behind the Walls tour will take you through the San Cristobal Fort where you can learn about the military strategies of the Spaniards and walk inside the secret tunnels and dungeons within the Fort. You’ll also get the chance to learn about the history behind Tapia Theater, the Arturo Somohano Plaza and Christopher Columbus Plaza. After visiting these historic landmarks, end your tour with a chance to shop for local arts and crafts!

small guard tower on top of the san cristobal fort over looking the atlantic ocean

4. Fortresses of San Juan

This tour of the Fortresses of San Juan takes you back in history where you can learn about the fascinating streets of the centuries old city. Stop at Fort San Felipe Del Morro, the oldest Spanish Fort in the New World – dating back to 1539. It covers over 70 acres and has six levels that rise 145 feet! Afterwards, head to Castillo de San Cristobal, the largest Spanish Fort in the New World and spend an hour exploring this amazing feat of engineering. The fort covered about 27 acres of land and nearly wrapped around the whole city of San Juan. The tour will give insight into the wonder and history of the Puerto Rican culture.

aerial view of the fort san felipe del morro in san juan puerto rico

5. Shopping and City Sights

The city has so much to offer, which makes a guided walking tour a great option to ensure you don’t miss out on anything! On this guided city and shopping tour, you will get to explore the narrow cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and learn about the history and culture of the city. Your guide will take you past landmarks such as the Governor’s Palace, La Fortaleza and the oldest drugstore in Puerto Rico. You’ll also get to wander around San Cristobal Fort and get to see the Capitol as you continue to walk to New San Juan where you can see the hotels, casinos and restaurants in the Condado area.

small block of colorful houses along a street in old san juan that leads straight to the ocean

Seaside Activities

It’s great to take advantage of the opportunity for adventure and exploration on your cruise vacation – but don’t forget to kick back and relax! Check out some of these seaside options for when you’re ready for a mellow day.

6. Beach Getaway

If you’re ready for an escape, take the opportunity to head to Vivo Beach Club for the day. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, lay back in the sun and take in the stunning views from the beach bar as the staff makes sure you have a wonderful visit. The deluxe package includes transportation, access to beach facilities and a delicious Puerto Rican-style buffet that includes chicken, green salad, pasta salad and other local specialties.

beach tents and beach chairs scattered across vivo beach club in san juan as people have fun in the ocean

7. Surf Lessons

Have you always dreamed of getting out into the ocean and riding the waves like a pro? Now’s your chance! If you’re on a family cruise, this is an activity that’s fun for everyone. Learn how to surf with the experts at a local San Juan beach and enjoy a fantastic day in the sun. It’s a thrill to surf the waves in Puerto Rico and you’ll have lots of fun and get plenty of exercise while you’re at it!

man surfing on a blue board off the shore of san juan puerto rico

Whether you want to go on in adventure, explore the island’s history or relax on the beach, the city of San Juan has it all. Now is the time to book a Caribbean cruise to Puerto Rico so you can experience all the beauty and wonder the island has to offer!