Top 9 Things to Do in Curacao

Nestled away in the southern Caribbean Sea, Curacao is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. While lesser known than other islands in the region, it is a top destination for tourists seeking both adventure and leisure. If you are planning your first cruise to Curacao, you can expect to witness colorful Dutch colonial architecture, a majestic windward coast and a glorious continental shelf known as the “Blue Edge.” While these island traits are some of the most popular, you will also be delighted to discover the many hidden beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation and rocky limestone cliffs. All of these intricate and unique details ensure that there is no shortage of activities after you arrive. Consider these top 9 things to do in Curacao:


1. Discover Curacao Island Tour

An air-conditioned coach ensures optimal comfort while you explore the capital city, a historic art museum and local caves. With the option to explore downtown Willemstad’s attractions independently, the Discover Curacao Island Tour is ideal if you are interested in shopping, unguided sightseeing or mingling with the locals.

Penha Building in Willemstad Curacao

2. Curacao Highlights

Discover the rich heritage of the island on the Curacao Highlights tour. If you participate in this guided adventure, you can expect to visit several museums with a focus on art and history. Afterwards, you will explore the old merchant estates in Scharloo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and have the opportunity to taste and purchase locally manufactured liqueur and handcrafted souvenirs.

3. Double the Fun

Climb aboard a comfortable bus and prepare for a full day of excitement with the Double the Fun adventure. From a secluded beach to the vast countryside, this tour allows you to visit some of the most notable attractions on the island of Curacao. Along with a deeper look into the culture of the locals, you will learn about the history of several sites, including a local distillery, a historic bridge and a National Park.

tourist watching waves crash onto rock formations at Shete Boka National Park

4. Ostrich Farm and Sightseeing

Take in the one-of-a-kind panoramic views of Curacao’s magnificent city and harbor on a sightseeing excursion. While traveling through the capital, you will marvel at the brightly colored buildings and mansions. From there, the whole family will be delighted with a trip to one of the island’s latest attractions: an ostrich farm. Get up close and personal with the many ostriches on the farm while learning about the lifecycle of the large and enchanting species. Both educational and entertaining, this Ostrich Farm and Sightseeing adventure is unlike anything else on the island, making it an excellent option for those on a family cruise.

boy feeding 3 ostriches at an ostrich farm

Land Adventures

5. Mini Jeep Adventure and Beach Escape

If you are seeking an exciting adventure in Curacao, climb into an off-road vehicle for the experience of a lifetime. Following a tour guide, participants of the Mini Jeep Adventure and Beach Escape travel through the wild natural side of Curacao’s northeast coast. View natural geysers and beaches while getting up close and personal with the island’s wildlife. This excursion allows plenty of time for photo opportunities, as well as relaxation on the beach.

group of people riding mini Jeeps along Curacao’s northeast coast

6. Curacao Country and Coastal Drive

Take a drive through the rigorous northern coast of the island on the Curacao Country and Coast Drive. A tour guide narrates the drive along the way to enhance the overall experience. Throughout the drive, stops are made at the Boka Tabla National Park and at various points along the coast to allow for exploration and enchanting backgrounds for vacation photographs.

2 fishing boats parked on the sand of Playa Forti, Curacao

Water Sports

7. Dolphin Encounter

A lifelong dream for many, a Dolphin Encounter allows you to get up close and personal with the animals in a controlled environment. Trainers provide valuable information on how to interact with the dolphins while also aiming to educate visitors about the species as a whole. You will enter the water, where you can swim with and touch the dolphins while also observing their behaviors from afar.

dolphin kissing the head of a little girl at the Sea Aquarium

8. Curacao Kayak Adventure

Prepare for an active exploration of the Spanish Waters on the Curacao Kayak Adventure. Instructors provide crucial safety information and act as guides throughout the excursion to ensure that the kayak adventure is as safe as well as entertaining. As you kayak through the water, you will take in the sights of the surrounding natural beauty. The adventure ends upon arrival to a local beach, where you will have a chance to exit the kayak and go for a swim or lounge in the sand.

group of people kayaking along the Spanish Waters in Curacao

9. Blue Bay Beach Escape and Snorkel

Nature and water enthusiasts alike will relish this unique opportunity to travel to the more natural, western side of the island. Explore the pristine beaches before embarking on an underwater scuba diving adventure on the Blue Bay Beach Escape and Snorkel excursion. While diving, you will have the chance to view colorful coral reefs and native sea-life in the crystal clear water.

With such a diverse geographical makeup and fewer tourists than other islands in the area, Curacao is beginning to garner increasing attention in the world of luxury cruise destinations. The picturesque landscape and the authentic blend of Caribbean, European and African cultures are a large part of Curacao’s allure. After you travel to Curacao, however, you will find that while the island is remarkably breathtaking, it is also a bustling hub of both adventurous and leisurely activities.