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My Trip to Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Palm trees and colorful huts in the Dominican Republic

Last month, Jeff and I hopped on a plane to Miami and then jumped on the Carnival Vista for an 8-night Caribbean cruise in partnership with Carnival Cruise Line. It was our May trip for the 12 trips in 12 months series.

We had a great time visiting some amazing locations – Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, and Aruba. And today, I’m sharing all the details from one of my favorite stops on the trip: Dominican Republic! We went to Catalina Island, which is a short boat ride from La Romana. And it was even better than I imagined it would be. There were little colorful houses, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, etc, etc. So good! Click through for all the details.

Woman walking in the clear water on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

A little backstory… I had never been to the DR before and didn’t really know what to expect. So after a recommendation from my blog buddy Michael of Inspired by Charm (who went on the same cruise a few months back), Jeff and I booked an excursion for Catalina Island. It was GORGEOUS, so naturally, I took a ton of photos.

View from the water of sandy beach and many palm trees on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

White boat anchored on the beach

How do you get there? From the port at La Romana, we took a super quick bus ride to the boat, and from there, the boat ride to the island is 30-40 minutes. I really enjoyed the boat ride too actually. It was cool to see a little bit of the La Romana coastline, which is very different looking than Catalina Island.

White sail boat tied up on a dock on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Green hut on the beach

When we arrived to our beach on Catalina Island we were the only people there (another group came about an hour later but it still wasn’t too crowded), so I was able to get some photos with literally no one on the beach. Hooray!

Jeff and I sipped on the cocktails they gave us when we got off the boat, had some lunch, looked around at the shops (which are literally right off the beach – there’s a few right in a row), and then hung out in the water for the rest of the time. Of all the beaches Jeff and I have visited over the years, Catalina Island is definitely in the top five! I highly recommend it. So, if you’re in the mood for a tropical getaway of your own, head over to to check out cruise destinations near you and plan your next trip.

Beautiful sandy beach on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Colorful huts along the beach with palm trees surrounding them

White boat anchored in clear blue water with the beach behind it

Woman walking in the water looking out at the ocean

View from the water of a dock and the beach on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Where is the ‘ultimate’ tropical vacation, in your mind? Is it in the Caribbean or somewhere else? I’d love to hear!

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