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Weekend Cruise Escape: 3 Reasons to Love a 3-Day Bahamas Cruise

With a fresh new year ahead of us, it’s never too early to start planning your travels. Even if you can’t pencil in a long vacation, you can make the most of your long weekends with a quick escape to someplace warm.

Top of our list is The Bahamas.

With plenty of sailings from a variety of US ports, Bahamas cruises are the ideal weekend escape. You can pack quite a lot in to a 3-day cruise, and it’s one of the most convenient ways to travel without hassle.

Here are our top 3 reasons to love a 3-day Bahamas cruise.

You Can Pack Light

We love packing for weekend escapes, even the 3-day variety. It’s so much easier to travel light and carry on for cruises (avoiding even the possibility of a luggage delay), and once we’re on a cruise ship, it’s, ahem, smooth sailing!

woman checking out the closet in her carnival stateroom

Cruises give you the chance to get out and about and try different places and activities without having to lug your bags around as you would if traveling by other modes of transport.

So we love a 3-Day Bahamas cruise that lets us pack light — it’s mostly swimsuits and beach cover-ups, after all. (See an example of what to pack here.)

woman and her two daughters getting ready to go to carnival waterworks

woman holding her towel animal

Since we’re cruising, we only need to unpack once, with no washing required since it’s such a short jaunt.

Plus, with our nighttime clothes hanging up in our stateroom closet, they’re not going to look wrinkled like they would when they stay in your luggage as you drive or fly around, as well.

Which brings us to…

Never-Bored Nights on Board

With our best threads in tip-top shape, we’ll be ready to party once night falls. And, naturally, cruise ships have loads of options, whether you’re traveling with your best friends, your family, or just your special someone.

Think date nights at fancy restaurants, family-filled evenings at stage shows with post-curtain desserts, or karaoke and nightclub fun with your crew, perhaps followed by a late-night pizza run (and room service breakfast the next day? Yes, please).

It’s so convenient (and safe) to have so many options for fun after dark all in the one place.

And with a 3-day sailing, you have more than one chance to make it the perfect night at sea. On our 3-Day Bahamas cruise, we spent most nights wherever we could find a DJ. How about you?

woman dancing to live music on a carnival cruise

a couple enjoying room service breakfast

The Best Beaches in the World

Sure, we could take a weekend trip to a beach resort, but choosing a Bahamas cruise is a ticket to the best beaches in the world. Seriously, the color of the ocean in ports like Nassau, Freeport and Half Moon Cay is unlike any other shade of blue we’ve seen.

Spending the day on one of these stretches of sand, or even hopping between a few different beaches, is worth the price of our cruise alone. And we get to experience it without the hassle of flying and paying a ton for a hotel. We call that a win-win.

perfect beach weather during a 3 day bahamas cruise